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What to make of the sudden jump in "collateral damage" – i.e., the piling up of dead civilians in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and... [Read More]
This is the editor's letter in the current issue of The Week magazine. A century ago this month, President Woodrow Wilson persuaded a reluctant... [Read More]
Anmar Jerjees '18 Anmar Jerjees '18 has been named a 2017 Harry S. Truman Scholar, one of only about 60 scholars chosen nationwide to... [Read More]
Mosul zoo's last two surviving animals are now safely in Jordan. Simba the lion and Lola the bear managed to survive the warzone in Iraq... [Read More]
He also confused Syria with Iraq. [Read More]
A Massachusetts Army Veteran, who was wounded in Iraq has become the first Veteran in the state to receive a brand new bionic ankle and... [Read More]
In an interview on Fox, Donald Trump recounts the moment he ordered a missile strike on Iraq Syria while enjoying a "beautiful piece of ... [Read More]
Civil liberties groups on Wednesday said they were filing a series of lawsuits against the U.S. government seeking details on how federal agencies enforced President... [Read More]
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh talks to Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend near Mosul, Iraq, where coalition forces hope to make a push toward Raqqa, ISIS' center... [Read More]
When President George W. Bush decided he wanted to remove and replace Saddam Hussein, he made a bad decision to go to war in Iraq... [Read More]
This morning, the gears of the Twitter joke mill received their daily greasing when a Fox Business interview clip surfaced online of President Donald Trump... [Read More]
The US general commanding the coalition fight against ISIS expects the fight for its de facto capital to have hit the city center by this... [Read More]
As the refugee crisis in Europe exploded in 2015, Ibrahim Bharmal '18, knew he couldn't stay on campus and watch events unfold without trying to... [Read More]
The US President reveals how he broke news of the strikes to his Chinese counterpart and appears to confuse Syria with Iraq. [Read More]
Commander of the coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq gives an exclusive interview on how the fight is going. [Read More]
He also confused Syria with Iraq. [Read More]
The Russian president called the U.S. airstrike in Syria an "obvious violation of international law" and compared it to coalition actions in Iraq in 2003. [Read More]
"Danger Close" follows military journalist Alex Quade as she documents the combat actions of U.S. special operators in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Read More]
For decades the U.S. military has equipped its members with the tools and training necessary to face possible death in war zones around the world.... [Read More]
In the light of Syria's call for more military co-operation with neighboring Iraq in the fight against terrorism, Iraqi and Syrian military experts told Sputnik... [Read More]
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