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When Iraq's power supply faltered this month in the middle of a heat wave, it ignited an angry question: Why can't one of the world's... [Read More]
Human Rights Watch has called on Iraq's government to declare the number of detention facilities it maintains and not to hold suspects without informing their... [Read More]
In 1991, after the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States gained unchallenged supremacy in the world. Indeed, just three years later, the U.S. alone accounted... [Read More]
Veteran Nolan Gomez of Tacoma, Washington, wrote: 'Please return my flag, sentimental to me. I brought it back from Iraq. The bottom four stripes have my... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast In the fall of 1990, an unusual grad-school seminar kicked off at a university in Washington D.C. Its students... [Read More]
SHAN THOMAS, 47, is a pub landlady and lives in Pontardawe, West Glamorgan. She began dating Dylan in early 2014. At the time he was... [Read More]

Rob Reiner has a new movie named Shock & Awe that celebrates heroic liberal Knight-Ridder reporters who fought the Bush team's case for war in... [Read More]

Jessica Lynch, a former U.S. Army solider who was wounded, captured and rescued in the Iraq War, was in Scottsdale Friday to honor Lori Piestewa.... [Read More]
As protests continue across southern Iraq, some are questioning the role of the US in the ongoing unrest. [Read More]
At least 10 Iranian border guards were killed in an overnight attack by unidentified gunmen near the Iraqi border, Iranian media reported Saturday. [Read More]
As protesters gathered at the entrance to Iraq's Siba natural gas field in a renewed protest over jobs, security forces in Basra started making the... [Read More]
ISIS appears to reforming in areas of northern Iraq and has launched attacks in Afghanistan. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Jennifer Cafarella of the Institute... [Read More]
Popular unrest has spread from the south to the country's capital. [Read More]
An Iranian news agency is reporting 10 border guards have been killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen near the Iraqi border. The semi-official Fars... [Read More]
Anger in Iraq's southern provinces has been building for months. Now, it's boiling over. [Read More]
Amnesty International accused Iraqi security forces of attacking peaceful protesters and Baghdad of disabling Internet service in order to prevent the - Margaret Griffis for... [Read More]
Neilson Barnard/Getty Rob Reiner doesn't mince words when describing our national state of affairs: "Never before in our country's history has the truth been more... [Read More]
Friday on the NewsHour, what President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin may mean for U.S. policy abroad. Also: At least 100 new allegations of sexual... [Read More]
Massachusetts soldiers are preparing to honor fallen Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna with a "Tough Ruck Memorial March" in 115-degree heat on Friday in Kuwait.They... [Read More]
The 18th Airborne Corps will deploy this fall to lead the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. And on Friday, the corps... [Read More]
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