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A Japanese baseball pitcher rode onto the mound in a Toyota MR2 to crowd chants and Kernkraft 400. Bow to your new god. [Read More]
Fox Sports, a media group that presumably covers sports, will eliminate about 20 writing and editing positions in order to focus on video, reports Bloomberg.... [Read More]
French cars, love them or hate them, are very rarely boring. Renaults, even when they're designed to be utilitarian or cheap, somehow manage to have... [Read More]
Aston Martin has been teasing an electric version of its Rapide four-door sports car for years. Now, Aston's original partner on the project—the deeply troubled... [Read More]
As dangerous as nuclear weapons are, you'd think the management running them would prioritize safety. This is not the case at all. [Read More]
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may kill a regulation that ensures often-silent electric and hybrid cars make noise when driving at low speeds, a... [Read More]
 ... [Read More]
Generally, the ads in car magazines tend to be pretty predictable: cars, parts for cars, liquids you pour into various holes in cars, and those... [Read More]
A Southwest flight into Houston had to divert and land at another airport after a passenger reportedly tried to open an emergency exit mid-flight, according... [Read More]
When Stephan Winkelmann, ex-Lamborghini CEO and wearer of impeccable suits, assumed the head of Quattro GmbH early last year, I was incredibly excited. He would... [Read More]
Remember, back in the late '90s-early 2000s, the X-Files was on this big 'black oil' overarching storyline, where there was some weird alien black virus... [Read More]
Admittedly, giving someone the middle finger is somewhat losing your cool, but it's nowhere near as bad as running into the guy you're annoyed with.... [Read More]
The world's most powerful production car, the nearly $3 million Bugatti Chiron, has been out for almost a year and a half now. But we... [Read More]
Monday mornings suck. The only thing that makes returning to work mildly tolerable is sweet, life-sustaining coffee. However, corporate employees at Ford were forced to... [Read More]
After years of delays and cost overruns, the British Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth is set to begin a series of critical sea trails that... [Read More]
The Honda Del Sol isn't the most loved car in the world. It replaced the lighter, nimbler CRX hatchback to widespread disappointment, earning it the... [Read More]
We've known since the beginning of the year that there's going to, finally, be a new Ford Ranger coming to the U.S. market by 2019.... [Read More]
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a car that drove straight from Japan, through our TV screens, punched the Subaru WRX STI in the face, and... [Read More]
Having your car die on you is a pretty major inconvenience. Having it die in a place where it's nightmarishly difficult to pull over or... [Read More]
After ramming each other behind a safety car at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel didn't sleep it off. In fact, no... [Read More]