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With a mixture of classics and newer material, "Live from Buenos Aires" gives fans more than just a walk down Coldplay memory lane. [Read More]
Due to inclement weather, James Madison University will open at 12 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 10, 2018. JMU Libraries will open at 10 a.m. [Read More]
The JMU Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence partnered with the Valley Justice Coalition to host a discussion about parole in Virginia. [Read More]
A response to "The Washington Redskins shouldn't change their name." [Read More]
Harrisonburg resident Jorge Justin Tejeda Molina crashed into a Lois Lane residence Saturday morning and evaded police officers after fleeing the scene. [Read More]
A 7-0 run by the Terrapins in the first quarter catapulted a double-digit win for Maryland against JMU women's basketball, 87-63. [Read More]
With "The Pains of Growing," Cara builds on her reputation while focusing on the superficiality of modern culture. [Read More]
Museums around the world have been slow to realize that the pieces they've housed for centuries may rightfully belong to other cultures. [Read More]
According to writer Megan Klepper, no matter what someone's major is, a job is not 100 percent guaranteed. [Read More]
JMU senior Matt Chamberlain fixes iPhones for cheap prices and does same-day repair for fellow JMU students. [Read More]
The Harrisonburg community, JMU professors and students come together to show their love and support for JMU athletics. [Read More]
From going to UREC to visiting the Oasis Room, JMU and Harrisonburg provide plenty of self-care options for students to get away from stress. [Read More]
Senior fine arts major Elise Nardo started using art as therapy during her freshman year at JMU in order to cope with her grandmother's death. [Read More]
Multiple women at JMU have come forward about how their experiences with sexual assault have impacted them and their mental health. [Read More]
Ke Wang, a junior finance major from China, has faced challenges adapting to American culture and he said it's affected his mental health. [Read More]
Substances such as alcohol and marijuana are extremely prevalent on college campuses and they can be used recreationally or to cope with mental illness. [Read More]
They call us snowflakes. The generation that was coddled by helicopter and snowplow parents. They say we're lazy, fragile, selfish and entitled. That we feel... [Read More]
College men often face pressure to conform to perceived notions of masculinity such as being a heavy drinker, heavy smoker and being with lots of... [Read More]
Students with ADHD at JMU depend on Adderall, but unprescribed students are taking the drug to increase academic performance. [Read More]
JMU Facilities Management worker Terry Lindsey shared his experience as a suicide survivor and now helps students work through their problems. [Read More]