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Students and faculty deserve more time away from the classroom than this. Hence, the K-12 public school phenomenon of teacher work days. [Read More]
JMU softball took the field at home for the first time this season, winning both of its games Saturday. The Dukes sit at 13-5 on... [Read More]
The SGA Diversity Committee celebrated JMU's LGBTQ community Tuesday night at Madison Union with the event I, Too, am JMU. [Read More]
Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation Tuesday that would have prevented Bill Bolling from getting the job he took with James Madison University in the fall. [Read More]
All people should be doing their part to help save the planet. [Read More]
A "stay-home-till-you-are-well" dart to those who think it's OK to come to class with a 102-degree temperature. [Read More]
JMU's current enrollment process has caused problems like students not becoming admitted to the classes they need to graduate on time. [Read More]
My name is Mackenzie Terry and I am a student at James Madison University. I felt inspired to respond to your article "Bridgewater to Continue... [Read More]
JMU students Alex Balbontin and Abbey Chaplain employ strategic shopping methods to closet their company, Well Clothing Co. [Read More]
Due to the rise of urbanization in the city of Harrisonburg, the city has leaned more democratic over the past couple of years while surrounding... [Read More]
Daniel Shogan, after playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game with hometown friends, took his passions to national tournaments with help of the gaming community and... [Read More]
The answers to the Sudoku puzzle in the 03/14 edition of The Breeze. [Read More]
When JMU lacrosse's first win of the season came to a close, the Dukes held a comfortable 13-8 lead with under two minutes to play.... [Read More]
After having his car towed wrongfully twice, a JMU student decided to hold The Retreat responsible and has proposed potential policy changes for the complex. [Read More]
Stuart Mercer's interest in gemstones started when he was young. Now, he owns Elk Run Mining Company, where he mines and creates all his own... [Read More]
He talks, will you talk back? Catch yourself up on T-Pain's music before he comes to JMU on April 16. [Read More]
Take a look into how JMU Professor Julie Strunk is educating school nurses across Virginia to handle school shootings and other school bleeding incidents... [Read More]
As a fly fisherman, whose job and leisure are dependent on the healthy populations of trout that call the streams near James Madison University home,... [Read More]
The U.S. Department of Energy recently selected James Madison University to participate in a competition designed to provide college students with real-world experience in the... [Read More]
Dina Rose, a sociologist and feeding behavior expert, gave every audience member in the James Madison University Festival Conference and Student Center on Saturday an... [Read More]