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The state of Maryland has adopted a rule barring companies that engage in boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel from receiving local government contracts, joining... [Read More]
Case closed, says former 'Jerusalem Post' defense correspondent Arieh O'Sullivan. [Read More]
Prior to arrival of some 7,000 haredi protestors at around 3 o'clock, individuals from all over the country peacefully protested outside of the Knesset to... [Read More]
While the barrier dramatically decreased the number of suicide bombings, it has not prevented all attacks. [Read More]
Say what you like about Trump, he plows on, rejecting conservative tried and tested thinking, and is willing to explore uncharted waters. [Read More]
Judaism embraces horizontal accountability, whereby a generation of people who voted in Hitler democratically must be held accountable for their choices. [Read More]
Expert Post... [Read More]
Elor Azaria is commonly known as the "Hebron shooter," and his case has gained country-wide attention. [Read More]
The hard-core and often violent Lazio fans left the stickers and antisemitic slogans such as "Roma fans are Jews" in a section of the stadium... [Read More]
Netanyahu is devoting a sizeable amount of his time solely on his political survival. [Read More]
Tehran's Achilles heel is indeed its population of Azeris, Arabs, Kurds and Baluchis, just to mention the larger minorities. [Read More]
Close ties between bin-Salman and his unofficial counterpart in the US, Jared Kushner, were seen as the basis for US President Donald Trump making Saudi... [Read More]
In January, the Vatican became the latest of the 136 countries the Palestinians claim have recognized the State of Palestine, and 75 of them host... [Read More]
Left outraged by video showing Bayit Yehudi candidates speak out against same-sex marriage; Bennett says his party should lead Israel. [Read More]
Dr. Mohamad Helmy was recognized in 2013, but Yad Vashem was only able to track down his relatives this year. [Read More]
The group plans to remain camped out outside Knesset until their demands are met. [Read More]
The demonstrators spread out across several locations throughout Jerusalem. [Read More]
Platforms 10km from shoreline may threaten health and environment... [Read More]
The fate of 140 Israeli employees is hanging on the line. [Read More]
The findings are the result of a huge international effort that involved an investigation of some 275,000 women worldwide, of whom 146,000 had breast cancer. [Read More]
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