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Monday, July 17, 2017 at 01:29 PM
"There is interest in the world in the new spirit Gabbay has inspired." [Read More]
In February, 2011, then President Shimon Peres, called together the Presidents and CEOs of a dozen leading high tech companies to form a high tech... [Read More]
Absent any legal, political or public relations crises, Kushner was always going to be climbing uphill in his bid to solve the world's most intractable... [Read More]
The memorial will be unveiled by German Frank Walter Steinmeier and President Reuven Rivlin in the first week of September. [Read More]
The affair concerns the procurement of three submarines and four maritime installation protection vessels for the Israel Navy. [Read More]
The incidents came two days after police officer Hail Stawi, 30, a Mughar native, was killed by Israeli-Arab attackers near the Temple Mount compound. [Read More]
"Sometimes when someone from the outside tells you that you are important, it is even more meaningful than when it comes from inside your family." [Read More]
An IDF officer was killed in a road accident in southern Israel on Monday, according to the army. The officer's family has been informed. [Read More]
Israeli LGBT activists plan to demonstrate on Thursday against a recent government statement in which LGBT relationships were described as "unusual" and LGBT people deemed... [Read More]
"I am not worried", Biton said, "when the interrogation is looking for a state witness it means [they] had nothing earlier." [Read More]
After holding an initial Make It Driveable event in Tel Aviv in 2015, the Ford team decided that returning to Israel was critical. [Read More]
Edelstein calls for better parliamentary behavior, citing winners as setting an example. [Read More]
 Four Egyptian soldiers were killed in an attack in northern Sinai Monday, according to a report by Sky News Arabic. The report said six others... [Read More]
Benji Shulman... [Read More]
PLO legislator to 'Post': We will find ways bypass new restriction. [Read More]
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine Middleton, are due to visit various WWII and Holocaust memorials during the trip. [Read More]
Visitors, mostly from the US, come to learn from the IDF's experienced trainers how to deal with potential terror threats. [Read More]
Marking the 45 years that have passed since the attack on the Israeli Olympic athletes in the 1972 Munich massacre, Israeli president Reuven Rivlin will... [Read More]
The Israel representative of the German shipbuilder Thyssen- Krupp, suspected of bribing officials involved in the Israeli navy's purchasing process, is negotiating becoming a state... [Read More]
Israeli 'Samson' tactical transport plane, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, makes a big showing at the Royal International Air Tattoo Show. [Read More]