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U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted: "Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party." [Read More]
Political representatives in Germany's Bundestag on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected a resolution by the Free Democratic Party to urge Chancellor Angela Merkel's government to reverse its... [Read More]
Before Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar made her comments questioning United States support for the Jewish State, about 50% of Jewish Americans identified as Democrat, according... [Read More]
Less than two months into Democratic Party control, we see a moral failure on the Left to condemn antisemitism unequivocally. [Read More]
Quoting the founder of a new Republican-aligned group hoping to wrestle Jewish votes away from the Democrats, Trump tweeted that "Jewish people are leaving the... [Read More]
The Democratic Party's cave-in last week to Rep. Ilhan Omar was dastardly, not just cowardly. Bad enough that Democrats were intimidated by Omar and her... [Read More]