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"My father warned that the [Gaza] Strip will turn into a Hamas state. The Left mocked him and called him the national fear-monger." [Read More]
The IDF said that over 160 targets were struck in Gaza as 93 Israeli patients were treated for injuries. [Read More]
Prof. Suleiman, who was born in the Gaza Strip in 1965, returned from the US to the Gaza Strip two years ago to teach at... [Read More]
IDF fighter planes hit roughly 150 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip as of Tuesday morning, according to the IDF Spokesperson's Office. [Read More]
"A special force of the IDF operated tonight in an operation of high importance to Israel's security," said Eisenkot. [Read More]
Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid said that while the death of Hamas official Nur Barakeh was not the goal of the IDF operation in the... [Read More]
Minister of Education Naftali Bennet visited on Monday the IDF officer wounded during the Sunday night operation in the Gaza strip. ... [Read More]
The mother of the IDF officer wounded during a botched operation in the Gaza Strip said that she prays for his quick recovery, she told... [Read More]
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Israel on Monday morning after cutting his state-visit in France short following the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip... [Read More]
The IDF officer killed in the Gaza strip on Sunday night held the rank of Brigadier General, IDF spokesperson said on Monday morning. ... [Read More]
Three train stations were closed and school was cancelled in Gaza border communities on Monday morning, following clashes in the Gaza strip on Sunday night... [Read More]
Seventeen rockets were launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip by 5:15 a.m on Monday morning, according to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit. [Read More]
Additional rocket sirens were heard in Gaza border communities early Monday morning, hours after the IDF killed a senior Hamas member in the Gaza Strip. [Read More]
The IDF confirmed that three projectiles were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, with two intercepted by the Iron Dome system. [Read More]
The plan is based around a simple idea: Establish an Israeli desalination plant, built on Israeli land, funded by Saudi Arabia, the Europeans and others,... [Read More]
The Qatari grant is believed to be part of understandings reached between Israel, Qatar, Egypt and Hamas to reach a truce in the Gaza Strip. [Read More]
Abbas and several senior PA officials have voiced strong opposition to a truce between Hamas and Israel, arguing that such a move would consolidate the... [Read More]
The money was given to Hamas by Qatar, but would have needed Israeli approval to enter the Gaza Strip through the Erez crossing. [Read More]
Israel maintains a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and sets a varying fishing limit, which currently extends to a maximum of nine nautical miles. [Read More]