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Jeanine Pirro, herself of Arab ethnicity, blasted Rep. Ilhan Omar for alleged antisemitism. But did her rhetoric go too far and get her booted off... [Read More]
The Muslim congresswoman said that "without a state, the Palestinian people live in a state of permanent refugeehood." [Read More]
Her anti-Jewish sentiment isn't an isolated incident. She has shown over and over to embrace antisemitism through her rhetoric, both in her speech and through... [Read More]
Pro-Syrian regime activists slam US Congresswoman for her support for Syrian rebellion, while Assad critics rush to defend her... [Read More]
The Evangelical leader hand-delivered petitions and letters containing "tens-of-thousands" of signatures requesting the removal and investigation into Omar for her alleged ties to terrorist entities. [Read More]
Before Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar made her comments questioning United States support for the Jewish State, about 50% of Jewish Americans identified as Democrat, according... [Read More]
A Sanders aide defended Rep. Ilhan Omar's post claiming American Jews have a dual-loyalty to Israel. When asked to clarify, Belen Sisa called her comments... [Read More]
Rep. Liz Cheney [R- WY] said Democrats aid Omar by trying "to cover up her bigotry and antisemitism." [Read More]
The Democratic Party's cave-in last week to Rep. Ilhan Omar was dastardly, not just cowardly. Bad enough that Democrats were intimidated by Omar and her... [Read More]