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Wages are on the rise, too, as indicators point to a stabilizing economy in the state, according to Department of Labor data. [Read More]
Every one of New York City's estimated 8,500 inmates sentenced to time in city jails will leave with guaranteed, minimum-wage, short-term jobs likes cooks, restaurant... [Read More]
A global business consultancy has said it will treble its Scottish workforce over the next five years. Genpact, a company based in New York that... [Read More]
Dennis Malak is trying his hand at a more local public position, City Council member, with goals of assisting in nurturing a more business-enticing city. [Read More]
A newly released study forecasts that revitalization of the Balsams Resort in the northern New Hampshire town of Dixville will generate 600 construction jobs and... [Read More]
It installs in 10 minutes and shows video on your phone... [Read More]
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett is looking to double his 2016 goal of 1,000 summer jobs for youth and he wants to find 2,000 openings for young... [Read More]
While the national economy was enjoying the longest period of consecutive job gains in history, Wyoming's job situation in the fourth quarter of 2016 saw... [Read More]
In the weeks after Election Day, media outlets tirelessly amplified President Donald Trump's misleading claim that he personally saved hundreds of jobs at a facility... [Read More]
President Trump touts U.S. job creation under his watch, but does he deserve all the credit? Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal's executive Washington editor and... [Read More]
BlackRock is shaking up its struggling stock-picking unit by cutting jobs, reorganizing funds and lowering fees. Bloomberg's Peggy Collins has more on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source:... [Read More]
I was persuaded to buy a Reese's peanut butter cup (even though I don't like them) yesterday because of a unique sign at the Family... [Read More]
The city is giving exams through April 29 for the position of Special Officer, providing unarmed security at city agencies including the Department of Homeless... [Read More]
Faced with decreasing enrollment, Atlantic Cape Community College will cut 24 full-time positions and raise tuition to balance the 2017-18 budget. [Read More]
Yesterday, I wrote about the PwC report that showed that 38% of jobs in the US were in danger of being replaced by robots and... [Read More]
Dismantling federal efforts to address climate change will make it harder for Trump to deliver on his promise to create employment. [Read More]
A legislative committee is opposing a plan to eliminate 11 educational positions at the state's youth correctional facility. [Read More]
Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh (R-Ballston) responded to the latest census estimates illustrating New York State's population decline over the past year. Walsh feels strongly that... [Read More]