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25) "I know I am a single, white male from South Carolina, and I've been told I should shut up, but I will NOT shut... [Read More]
There are few worse things that a woman can say about you than, "You're such a nice guy!" Maybe "You're rapey looking" or "Do you... [Read More]
Self-esteem can be a weird business. We've all met those people who are completely full of themselves for no earthly reason anyone can figure out.... [Read More]
Conservatives quite correctly consider the government to be the primary threat to their freedom in America. However, free speech goes beyond the First Amendment —... [Read More]
× 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know by Sir John Hawkins John Hawkins's book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know is filled with... [Read More]
"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." – Tony Robbins Your mind will respond to any question you ask it.... [Read More]
Many conservatives were outraged at the number of commercials with political undertones during the Super Bowl, and none were more offensive than Budweiser's. For those... [Read More]
One woman in an abusive situation tried to rescue her children with the help of a McDonald's Drive-Thru employee, but her abuser took off before... [Read More]
What we have witnessed in the Middle East in the last few years under Barack Obama's watch is nothing less than a genocide against Yazidis... [Read More]
Liberals like to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, but how accurate are they? While there are arguments to be made for similarities, (we're all humans)... [Read More]
President Trump is refusing to take any of Iran's nonsense and he's letting them know really quickly that he is absolutely nothing like President Obama.... [Read More]
Trump just introduced "phenomenal" tax cuts that will not only help individual Americans, but the businesses we work with on a regular basis! If he... [Read More]
Trump is doing it AGAIN! He has just made another announcement regarding his promise to keep jobs in America, and this one is huge. Intel... [Read More]
Trump is doing it AGAIN! He has just made another announcement regarding his promise to keep jobs in America and this one is huge. Intel... [Read More]
Progressive leftists fret about the menace of "toxic masculinity." Within realms they totally control, like the fashion industry, they have eradicated it entirely. Sad and... [Read More]
Sometimes I get a vague impression that there is something a little unwholesome about this transsexuality business that the liberal establishment keeps promoting: A transgender... [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren caused a huge scene in the Senate by attempting to read Coretta Scott King's 30-year-old letter slamming Jeff Sessions. Senate Republicans invoked Rule... [Read More]
Donald Trump's first military operation has received a lot of attention. Navy SEALs raided an Al Qaeda compound in Yemen, netting some intelligence, but also... [Read More]
Can you imagine Chuck Norris and Bibi Netanyahu getting together? What an awesome event! Well, it just happened. Chuck Norris was in Israel with his... [Read More]
The media was quick to jump all over President Trump for lack of intel and sloppy planning when a Navy SEAL was killed in an... [Read More]