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PayPal is apparently rolling out a number of traditional banking features, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The digital payment giant is... [Read More]
During a Reddit AMA with Westworld show creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Nolan made an unexpected announcement -- instead of making fans cry, they'd... [Read More]
This week's hardware IRL is still in the bathroom. Devindra Hardawar explains how his toilet upgrade bested even the SNES Classic to make it his... [Read More]
All eyes were on SpaceX back in January, when a Falcon 9 rocket launched a mysterious payload called Zuma into orbit. But soon after its... [Read More]
As it teased, Blackmagic Design has unveiled a 4K version of its popular portable RAW camera at NAB 2018. The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K... [Read More]
Paris-based indie developer Théo Le Du Fuentes goes by the name of Cosmografik, a fitting pseudonym for the creator of Vandals, a turn-based puzzle game... [Read More]
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome back! Get the week started off right with a look at Sony's smaller flagship phone and some... [Read More]
NVIDIA recently warned that the end was nigh for GeForce support on 32-bit operating systems, and it has now put dates to that event. It... [Read More]
Overwatch League (OWL) is fairly new on the eSports scene; we're watching it evolve before our eyes. The last few months have shown us that... [Read More]
If you were excited about the tease for military shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands getting a Splinter Cell crossover, you're in luck. The game's Twitter account... [Read More]
Cambridge Analytica is facing incredible pressure over the Facebook data sharing scandal -- and not surprisingly, it's determined to share its version of events... [Read More]
This week The Expanse comes back on Syfy, while on AMC The Walking Dead passes the baton to Fear the Walking Dead and on Fox... [Read More]
Facebook isn't just taking action against the companies directly involved in the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal. The company has suspended CubeYou af... [Read More]
Every Tesla Model 3 rolling off the line has so far been a single motor, rear-wheel drive variant. That's been more than a little frustrating... [Read More]
It was a chaotic week in the tech world, even before the YouTube HQ shooting. Apple's pushing its luck by pushing its Mac Pro release... [Read More]
Uber is normally glad when its service keeps running in a given country, but not this time around. The Philippines has ordered Uber to keep... [Read More]
How the government could fix Facebook Julia Angwin, The Atlantic There are a number of issues surrounding the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga.... [Read More]
Over the past months, it became increasingly clear that YouTube isn't the friendliest place for kids even with filters on. It doesn't just have a... [Read More]
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. It's Friday, and we've got some bad news about the Mac Pro. If you need a pick me... [Read More]