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We talk to Vietnam veteran Donald Grimm just before he got on the last eastern Iowa honor flight of the year. [Read More]
We talk to WWII veteran Harry Frost before take off. He was the only WWII veteran on this flight. [Read More]
The man is also a suspect in a dine and dash in Cedar Rapids last week. [Read More]
'We are heartbroken by the tragic losses to our school district family.'... [Read More]
On Tuesday reality TV star Chris Soules had a pre-trial conference for his upcoming trial. [Read More]
Iowa's farmers are starting to get paid for several U.S. Department of Agriculture Programs. [Read More]
More than 90 veterans will leave the Eastern Iowa Airport for the last honor flight of the year. [Read More]
One Iowa woman is making sure people know it's time to vote in time for the November midterms. [Read More]
The city of Dubuque is replacing part-time bus drivers with full-time positions, in an effort to save money. [Read More]
A city council vote turned down a plan to build sidewalks on JFK Rd. in Dubuque. [Read More]
Site includes hacked data from 19 states... [Read More]
The Muscatine Fire Department's Facebook was updated Monday evening with a photo of the rescue. [Read More]
The combination of sunshine and west wind will allow some areas to hit 60 this afternoon. [Read More]
Tuesday morning over 90 veterans will leave the Eastern Iowa Airport for the last honor flight of the year. [Read More]
Dubuque's public transportation service wants to save money by converting three part-time positions into three full-time. [Read More]
A stretch of John F. Kennedy Road in Dubuque will not get sidewalks after lengthy discussion at the city council meeting Monday night. [Read More]
The city of Dubuque is working on a project that would hopefully save people time and money during their commutes. [Read More]
More Eastern Iowa restaurants are wanting to put a fork in the serial dine and dasher. It's a story that KCRG-TV9 first reported on Sunday... [Read More]
Go Cedar Rapids had a plan to pay its vendors but the city of Cedar Rapids rejected that plan. And it did so in secret. [Read More]
The collapse of the convention and tourism organization Go Cedar Rapids last Friday apparently will cause some financial pain for more than vendors and a... [Read More]