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Teen driver taken to the hospital. [Read More]
The Heritage Preservation Commission is putting the corn tower on their potential landmark list. [Read More]
The Diocese of Winona-Rochester filed for Bankruptcy in November and a priest is visiting Rochester to address the Church's past of child sexual abuse. [Read More]
Sometimes under sinks, you'll see people open the cabinet doors and one of the other things people will do is leave a drip out of... [Read More]
Catch a glimpse of the workers who keep the runways at the Rochester International Airport safe. [Read More]
Spending a few extra bucks on your car could keep you from being in a serious accident. [Read More]
The Rochester Fire Department got called for a fire alarm but found tons of water in the hallway. [Read More]
Winter seems to be here and here to stay. Now commuters have to navigate through the snow and ice. [Read More]
How does the Rochester International Airport keep the runways clear and passengers safe? [Read More]
The Diocese of Winona-Rochester is filing bankruptcy... and now they're talking to the community about it. [Read More]
2,300 Iowans entered the workforce in December, making the total number of employed Iowans to 1,651,300, the most in history... [Read More]
U.S. Senator visited with Wood Harbor employees, as well as in Manly and Osage... [Read More]
There could be negative impacts if the shutdown lasts until after March... [Read More]
In the midst of the government shutdown, the Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority has a plan in place. [Read More]
After a stellar performance in North Iowa, the Austin native is moving up in the hockey ranks. [Read More]
The Austin native has been stellar in his time with North Iowa and is moving up the hockey ranks. [Read More]
The freshman is 10th in the NJCAA Division II with 22.5 PPG. [Read More]
As many schools were cancelled Tuesday, residents in the Rochester area hit the slopes. [Read More]