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What are invasive species and why are they a problem in Oregon? [Read More]
Lester Smith must pay $865,000, including $50,000 for the state's investigative costs. [Read More]
A new study from OHSU finds that chronic pain sufferers experience the same amount of pain when they switch from using opioids. And students from... [Read More]
The opioid epidemic is spreading a virus among people who share needles: hepatitis C. Doctors consider it a silent killer, and Oregon has a particularly... [Read More]
After community outrage over his retweet of a message warning of dangerous "illegal aliens," Beaverton School District's deputy superintendent, Steve Phillips, resigned Tuesday. [Read More]
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiative Inc. has come up with a plan to repopulate North and Northeast Portland with the African-American community that was displaced from... [Read More]
The Washington man accused of deliberately driving his vehicle into an Afghan man on the Oregon Coast in March has a history of assaults and... [Read More]
An Iraqi boy, who traveled to Oregon for life-saving surgery 10 years ago, has returned. [Read More]
The Oregon Department of Education has fired a high-ranking administrator amid complaints about alleged bullying and harassment of colleagues and questions about his legislative agenda. [Read More]
CEO Michael LaLonde says plans to build a brewery in Roanoke, Virginia, have not changed despite news reports that the company was "re-thinking" its plans. [Read More]
China has proposed a 15 percent tariff on United States hazelnuts. The industry says it might be a blessing in disguise. [Read More]
How far would you go to stop climate change? Also, we'll hear from a former FBI agent who went undercover with Pacific Northwest extremist groups.... [Read More]
Capes discusses becoming a full-time musician, Tupac's influence on his life, the role TriMet played in his writing and why it's so obvious that the... [Read More]
Demonstrators gathered on Sunday after two black men were arrested on suspicion of trespassing. The men were later released, and the incident has drawn accusations... [Read More]
Gov. Matt Bevin's comments came as thousands of teachers protested at the state Capitol, asking lawmakers to override the governor's vetoes of bills that would... [Read More]
The idea to privatize BPA, which provides wholesale power to electric utilities across the Pacific Northwest, was proposed by the Donald Trump administration last summer. [Read More]
Lawson's new collection of work is a dialogue with one of music's most limber and interesting writers. [Read More]
A style of tattooing called "black and gray realism" has its roots in East Los Angeles' Chicano culture. It moved from penal institutions, to the... [Read More]
With a brigade of over 100 dancers and guest appearances from Destiny's Child, Jay-Z and Solange, Queen Bey kept her headlining Coachella set all in... [Read More]