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Pennington County has no formal ban on fireworks outside towns and cities, but most municipalities have their own ordnance's involving fireworks. [Read More]
What has been known as The Castle Inn is no longer. Tom and Markie Zacharias have turned the building into a trendy home-away-from-home called The... [Read More]
So far so good for GF&P law enforcement officers, after getting body cameras in April. [Read More]
The lakes of KOTA Territory are starting to get very busy, and so are officers cracking down on violations on the water. [Read More]
Rapid City crews have battled five grass fires in the past five days that have been started by kids. Since the beginning of 2017, 35... [Read More]
Master sculptor Masayuki Nagase is back in Rapid City -- and back at work on the massive granite sculpture project at Main Street Square. [Read More]
Penn Co Sheriffs Office is hiring Rally officers. Find out who can get involved. [Read More]
Congressional Budget Office says Senate health plan is similar to House bill when it comes to the number of uninsured Americans; but the government saves... [Read More]
An attempt to entice a child netted a Rapid City man a 25-year federal prison sentence. [Read More]
Betting on the "everything old is new again" concept, Nintendo is releasing a "super" classic edition of its gaming system. [Read More]
Kevin D. Jenkins, a 41-year-old Rapid City man, has pleaded not guilty on a federal charge of commercial sex trafficking. [Read More]
The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration mostly enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries. [Read More]
Wall Economic Development board takes on housing issue in the area. [Read More]
A recent incident involved an airline passenger bitten by a support dog during a flight out of Atlanta. Some wonder when and where those animals... [Read More]
A revised local ordinance under consideration in Sioux Falls would make it illegal to feed stray dogs, cats or other animals that don't have owners. [Read More]
Jackley's campaign said Monday that former Family Heritage Alliance executive director Dale Bartscher will serve as state political director for the campaign. [Read More]
Firework sales permitted June 27 - July 5. They can be shot off June 27 - July 9. Rapid City officials remind residents that only... [Read More]
Chance of storms Tuesday and Wednesday. [Read More]
Hundred of friends, family, and people in the community gathered at Founders Park in honor of Steven's High School AlumThomas Craig Pfeifle. [Read More]
Multiple crews responded to a home fire in Box Elder on Sunday afternoon. [Read More]