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When I was a kid, mom used to say, "You know you've become an infidel when you forget the Fatihah." The Fatihah is the preamble to the Quran, a prayer Muslims repeat five... [Read More]
As underground consultants continue to make Oakland warehouses safer, grassroots groups petition City Hall for leniency in evictions. [Read More]
Billionaire philanthropist and school-choice advocate Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, is among the incoming administration's... [Read More]
For years, California has allowed oil companies to put wastewater into protected aquifers. Now, they're missing a deadline to stop it. [Read More]
Collaborating with over 100 artisans from Chiapas, Mexico, Rigo 23's sculptural installation proposes space travel in a giant ear of corn. [Read More]
Joe Cotchett has made a name for himself winning jury verdicts in the millions - sometimes billions - of dollars against Wall Street, big banks and other... [Read More]
Want to particpate in the Pussyhat Project, but don't know the first thing about knitting? No sweat; these instructions are for you! [Read More]
Three women have created a viral symbol of protest that has crafters across the country knitting kitty-eared hats, with many planning to wear them at post... [Read More]
Pill bugs. Doodle bugs. Potato bugs. Whatever you call them, there's something less creepy about these critters than other insects. Maybe it's because they're... [Read More]
Orphan drugs were meant for patients with rare diseases, but drugmakers are increasingly using the special designation to land lucrative federal incentives and... [Read More]
Ask any special ed teacher and they will probably tell you that paperwork is the bane of their jobs. These three teachers at Renaissance Academy in Utah have... [Read More]
Lawsuit accused Bernal Heights landlord of jacking up rent to avoid cost of 'owner move-in' eviction. [Read More]
Everyday Californians, members of the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown himself are gearing up to push back against Donald Trump's presidential agenda. [Read More]
'First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump' chronicles the response of creatives in the Bay Area and beyond during the first hundred days of the new... [Read More]
For more than 20 years, neurologist Suzanne O'Sullivan has treated patients who have debilitating physical symptoms -- such as pain and seizures -- with no... [Read More]
Fifteen artists learned Tuesday that they will get the chance to recycle Bay Bridge steel as art... [Read More]