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Ep 5 Seg 2... [Read More]
From the KSAS FOX Kansas archives...The HOST & Rodney, starring Tom Leahy. Episode 5. [Read More]
From the FOX Kansas archives...The FOXMan, FOX Balloon and Waddles the Penguin... [Read More]
From the Archives.  The Borg are Back promo.  From Star Trek: The Next Generation.  K... [Read More]
Our producer was so excited she got to shoot this commercial from the roof of a building downtown.&n... [Read More]
N. Gregory Mankiw, former advisor to George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, argues that a carbon tax could go hand-in-hand with deregulation. [Read More]
Major Astro also played The HOST of the HOST & Rodney Nightmare theater.  The segments play... [Read More]
Major Astro's signature sign-off: ....when everything will be A-OK and all systems will be Go... [Read More]
Major Astro Show Open with cool NASA footage. [Read More]
Major Astro Spaceword Contest Promo. [Read More]
From the KSAS Archives: Tom Leahy not only was Major Astro on FOX Kansas, he was also The HOST of Th... [Read More]
From the KSAS FOX Kansas archives:  an old commercial featuring a spoof on SNL skit Hanz &... [Read More]
From the KSAS FOX Kansas archives:  a typewriter commercialHey kids, a typewriter was what we u... [Read More]
From the KSAS FOX Kansas archives another old employee Christmas promo. [Read More]
KSAS TV, Celebrates 30 Years in KansasKSAS signed on-the-air on August 24th, 1985. [Read More]