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It's a decidedly millennial spin on a traditional Christmas decoration -- check out the hipster nativity set."Baby Jesus lies in a manger in a stable... [Read More]
Content loading... Please enable javascript!HOLIDAY LIGHTS ONLINE PHOTO JUDGINGOFFICIAL CONTEST RULESContest: HOLIDAY LIGHTS CONTESTStation: Chesapeake Media I, LLC dba KSNV-TVStation... [Read More]
Broccoli is one of the Virginia opossums living at the Tennessee Aquarium.They people think of them with very negative connotations. They think of them as... [Read More]
An undercover officer was offered sex in return for $60 and some nachos during a sting operation in Beaver Township, Ohio.According to WKBN, a suspected... [Read More]
It's not something neighbors thought they'd see in the backyard next door. Tigers and monkeys with nothing but a four-foot fence holding them in. It was... [Read More]
A Las Vegas father is in the hospital after a giant pine tree nearly turned into a death trap.The man was trimming a tree in... [Read More]
News 3 and 102.7 The Coyote want you to see The Voice live! Watch News 3 Today for the keyword, then listen to Todd... [Read More]
Las Vegas Metropolitain Police confirm that James Otis was removed from Trump Tower property ahead of a planned demonstration at Trump Tower. He was not... [Read More]
Forget Santa.  Oprah's got a list.  Though she may no longer host, that hasn't stopped the talk show queen from keeping her Favorite Things from... [Read More]
One week out, and the Republican half of the most-watched Senate race in the nation was manning the phones. Joe Heck was calling up party... [Read More]
A final push, a key state, and just nine days before polls close.Donald Trump stopped in Las Vegas Sunday for a final sales pitch to... [Read More]
A North Carolina woman is now eating her words after buying a lottery ticket and winning $1 million.Glenda Blackwell, 57, of Leicester said she bought... [Read More]
(KUTV) If you hate spiders or mice, turn back now.A video out of Queensland, Australia that's going viral shows a huntsman spider dragging a dead... [Read More]
A heartbreaking moment for an elementary school cheerleader missing her military father turned into an uplifting scene thanks to a kind gesture from a high... [Read More]
Metro detectives tell News 3 a four-year-old girl was at home with her parents, another adult, and three siblings when a gun went off and... [Read More]
The Voice is back on NBC, and News 3 and Hot 97.5 want to give you a trip to see the Voice live!Watch News 3... [Read More]
Everybody hates paying rent, but some BYU newlyweds have found a way around that.Seth and Elizabeth Nelson, who were just married in April, have decided... [Read More]
A Canadian plumber is really embracing the stereotype of his profession by cracking a joke.To really bring in the number one customers, he's turning to... [Read More]
Dental patients: keep your guns at home.A 72-year-old Ohio man learned this the hard way after accidentally shooting himself after receiving a dose of Nitrous-oxide (also... [Read More]
When Elisabeth Davis first got her current job as a secretary at a prep school in Indiana, she enjoyed it so much that she figured... [Read More]