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It happened on U.S. Hwy. 2 just outside of Devils Lake on Tuesday, May 21 around 6 p.m. [Read More]
Herdina Academy 5 - May 22nd... [Read More]
Herdina Academy 4 - May 22nd... [Read More]
Herdina Academy 3 - May 22nd... [Read More]
Herdina Academy 2 - May 22nd... [Read More]
Herdina Academy - May 22nd... [Read More]
Summer Boating Safety... [Read More]
The sheriff's department says on Tuesday, May 21, authorities received a report of a possible drowning. [Read More]
May 22... [Read More]
Experts believe that the OK for esketamine, a quick-acting nasal spray, is a pivotal moment in the history of mental health therapy. [Read More]
Whether it's taste, convenience, cost, shoppers often have a preference when it comes to fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. But, which one is nutritionally... [Read More]
Will Fisher Industries Get This Contract for The Wall? [Read More]
Abortion remains one of the most divisive topics in America today. Both sides crossed paths Tuesday night in downtown Fargo. [Read More]
New information tonight out of Richland County involving a wrongful death lawsuit. A judge has dismissed the case of 20-year old Andrew Sadek. [Read More]
Dozens of parents in the Fargo area are scrambling as they look for a new daycare option. Atonement will no longer be offering daycare. [Read More]
A story of heroism from the Nation's Capital tonight involving a Roseau, Minnesota man. [Read More]
The Grand Forks Fire Department says a gas line has been clamped and is no longer leaking. This, after multiple halls at the University of... [Read More]
As if this spring wasn't stressful enough for farmers in the Valley, deep freezers in Pat Hurley's ditches only added to the list. [Read More]
Wal-Mart management has evacuated their store and Bismarck Police currently have a perimeter set up around the store. [Read More]
On Monday, May 20th 2019, at approximately 7:29pm, the Wadena County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a one-vehicle rollover that occurred on 251st... [Read More]