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The city wants to allow police to pull drivers for not wearing a seat belt as a primary offense. [Read More]
The Missouri Highway Patrol hopes it's a warning for all drivers. [Read More]
Paula Morehouse reports. [Read More]
The law would allow police officers to pull drivers over for not wearing a seat belt as a primary offense. [Read More]
One Missouri representative wants to change the minimum age for people who use tanning beds. [Read More]
The commission is hiring a private firm to conduct an investigation into the office's misuse of public resources. [Read More]
BBB fraud alert, microsoft, scam... [Read More]
Melody Pettit reports. [Read More]
Cold arriving on northwest winds will send wind chills below 20 Tuesday morning. [Read More]
Swindlers call and say they're with tech support. They've detected a virus on your computer. [Read More]
Much cooler by Tuesday... [Read More]
Police found the origin of the alleged threat, which investigators say was not credible and was in fact, fabricated. [Read More]
Forecasters say windy, dry conditions could create dangerous wildfire conditions for much of Arkansas on Monday. [Read More]
It looks like stuffing, but this delicious 'Harvest Casserole' is made with cauliflower... [Read More]
The New York Police Department says it is responding to a report of an explosion near Times Square.  ... [Read More]
At the City Council Meeting on Monday, December 11, council members will either repeal the ban or send it to the August ballot for voters... [Read More]
Strong winds and warm temperatures will spread any fire quickly. [Read More]
Springfield city council members will vote to either repeal the breed specific legislation against pit bulls or let voters decide during the August election. [Read More]
Officials confirm a wildfire has scorched an estimated 200 acres of land above Boxley Valley in Newton County, Arkansas. [Read More]
Police could soon ticket you just for not wearing your seat belt. Currently police can only ticket you for not wearing a seat belt if... [Read More]