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Healing Pathway Victim Service Agency will host its 7th annual Christmas event for children of local homicide victims. [Read More]
The 18th and Vine District hosted its first "Light Up the Block" event Friday. [Read More]
"I was trying to feel for a pulse ... I couldn't feel a breath, I couldn't feel a heartbeat," the woman's husband said. [Read More]
Up and down we go...better over the weekend and then some chilly shots of air next week. We may salvage Monday morning before the colder... [Read More]
Prospect MAX is set to launch Monday, a moment that's been years in the making. [Read More]
Laila Anderson, a St. Louis 11-year-old who captivated the country during the St. Louis Blues' run to the Stanley Cup earlier this year, is once... [Read More]
Kansas City, Missouri, police said the 63-year-old woman who was struck by a car Thursday attempting to cross the street at the intersection of... [Read More]
The only thing more spectacular than the play of Kansas City goaltender Tyler Parsons was his postgame smile, as he led the Mavericks to their... [Read More]
"Light is not so much what you directly see as that by which you see everything else." With gratitude to Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr... [Read More]
The passing of Holy Cross Fr. Robert Pelton on Nov. 4 feels like the end of an era. Bob was one of the last living... [Read More]
What's not to love about John the Baptist? Frankly, just about everything if you happen to be the object of his acidic critiques. But John... [Read More]
Missouri's minimum wage rate is set to increase to $9.45 an hour beginning Jan. 1, 2020. [Read More]
This week, Friday Night Flights takes you below an area of Parkville, Missouri where they are making award-winning booze in a cave. [Read More]
Blue Springs High School band students are looking back on their once-in-a-lifetime experience performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. [Read More]
Uber found more than 3,000 cases of sexual assault were reported last year.  The report details five categories of sexual assault including non-consensual kissing and... [Read More]
Police say the victim is in critical condition. [Read More]
It's been nearly two decades since 15-year-old Lester Haliburton was murdered, but his family and detectives haven't given up on trying to find his killer.... [Read More]
St. Louis Blues superfan Laila Anderson, 11, met her bone marrow donor for the first time Thursday. Kenton Felmlee is studying premed at the University... [Read More]
The cold temperatures won't keep a group of church members in the Northland from sleeping outside Friday overnight. On a night when temperatures are expected... [Read More]
A flash mob Christmas Carol spectacular surprised shoppers Friday at the Lenexa Public Market. [Read More]