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Charlie and Pauline Sullivan, both close to 80 and as agile as ever, believe in getting around. They estimate that since coming to Washington from... [Read More]
Ministry and Mission preview: A program sponsored by St. John's University in New York that brought together 10 high-school-age students for a week of service. [Read More]
Sometimes it's hard to figure out if the Lectionary addresses us as philosophy class students or as kindergarteners. Our reading from Sirach offers a little... [Read More]
Pope Francis on Sept. 9 released Magnum Principium, a document announcing new canon law for liturgical translations. Msgr. Rick Hilgartner, former executive director of the... [Read More]
Donnelly College, a small Catholic school in Kansas City, Kansas, founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica, announced in a Sept. 13 press... [Read More]
The process of "journeying together" during the Catholic Church's synods of bishops examining contemporary challenges on marriage and family life offers a map for the... [Read More]
I have been writing about Catholic pain over parish closings for far too many years. But recently a letter to the editor in... [Read More]
A quote from Pope Francis: "In our technological and individualistic culture, compassion is not always considered well; at times, it is even regarded with... [Read More]
A member of the Vatican diplomatic corps serving in Washington has been recalled to the Vatican where he is involved in a criminal investigation involving... [Read More]
The most recent papal pronouncement giving more control to national bishops' conferences over the translation of liturgical texts had the quality of another of the... [Read More]
Republicans in Congress failed in their effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but they have not abandoned what appears to be an effort to... [Read More]
We are not used to thinking of ourselves as prophets, although at the time of our baptism, the priest anointed us and said the words,... [Read More]
Religious freedom requires tolerance of differing viewpoints -- including the voices of nonreligious people -- in addition to the free practice of faith to assure... [Read More]
The other day, I pulled into the driveway to the sight of a little boy grinning from ear to ear and banging his two fists... [Read More]
For the Adrian Dominicans in West Palm Beach, Florida, waiting was the worst part of Hurricane Irma, especially those hours between when the preparations finish... [Read More]
Several young people attending a Vatican-sponsored seminar on the upcoming Synod of Bishops urged the Vatican and the bishops themselves to be open to listening... [Read More]
A Catholic university, the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation and a Latin American foundation working on sustainable development have developed a tool to measure and... [Read More]
A top U.S. bishops' committee urged the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to extend the renewal deadline for those covered by the Deferred Action for... [Read More]
Welcome back to your weekly international edition of the daily briefing, where we highlight a little of what's going on around the world. First,... [Read More]
Pope Francis told the newest class of bishops in the Catholic church they should not consider themselves "self-sufficient 'Lord-fathers' " over their new dioceses but... [Read More]