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We sat at the shore's edge while reflections of house lights from across the lake mirrored the water like inverted golf tees, or flashlights pointing... [Read More]
Thomas Harlan, in his VOP of Sept. 15, believes that Rep. Peter Barca does not represent the majority of American workers. [Read More]
Young people will decide the 2018 election. They will be moving into positions of power and deciding the future of our planet. [Read More]
After the big bang of the Singapore summit in June, with its showy but vague North Korean commitment to denuclearization, many analysts doubted that the... [Read More]
Kenosha needs to designate and label which parks are kid and family friendly and non-alcoholic. [Read More]
Police officers seem to be in the center of a target these days. They are too aggressive, not aggressive enough, they arrive too late or... [Read More]
Editor's note: Each Monday, the Kenosha News takes a look at the life of a Kenosha County resident who recently died. We share with you,... [Read More]
MEN'S SOCCER... [Read More]
WGTD 91.1-FM's morning show airs 8:10 to 9 a.m. weekdays. Guests this week include:... [Read More]
The offensive players on the Oak Creek football team were probably seeing the No. 7 when they closed their eyes this weekend. [Read More]
Democrats running for state and national office led a rally ahead of local canvassing efforts Sunday night. [Read More]
Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha police have announced the releases of three convicted sex offenders into the communities. [Read More]
What you don't know about credit can cost you - perhaps thousands of dollars. [Read More]
Enrollment in Kenosha Unified declined by 283 students compared with a year ago, according to the state's mandated accounting of students taken annually during the... [Read More]
Recently I emailed a request to Ald. Curt Wilson regarding the use of a park. [Read More]
This is the cost when institutions have lost public trust. [Read More]
One has to wonder how many of Sen. Dianne Feinstein's Democratic colleagues congratulated her on her last-minute ploy to derail the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh... [Read More]
A new study released last week confirmed what we already know: Wisconsin drivers pay more for car repairs and maintenance because of the condition of... [Read More]
This week's top TV picks include:... [Read More]
CROSS COUNTRY... [Read More]