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A Knoxville police officer is earning kudos from his department and the community for stepping up to help a 76-year-old woman who was victim…... [Read More]
Dan Wilson of The DW Designs speaks about the eclipse shirt he created for the town of Farragut, Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017. [Read More]
Authorities searching Fallis' home found 5 pounds of weed, nearly $11,000, two scales, and 1 ounce of pot "floating in the toilet," the warrant reads. [Read More]
The agreement settles the case against KPMG, which "grossly overstated" the worth of Miller Energy Resources' oil assets in a 2011 audit. [Read More]
Aug. 15, 2017: While millions of people will be celebrating the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, a young Sweetwater girl will be celebrating her... [Read More]
As next week's eclipse gets closer, the excitement is building and preparations are coming to a frenzied pace in Monroe County. [Read More]
Wolf was informed as he squared off against older brother, senior tight end Ethan Wolf, in a circle of life drill.        ... [Read More]
A National Park Service spokeswoman said there's no set release date for a team review of how Smokies park authorities handled an arson set in... [Read More]
There are just 20 days until Tennessee opens their season in Atlanta against Georgia Tech. Only two more Tuesdays to get past, about 480 hours,... [Read More]
KARM is one of the nonprofits with projects ready for the Give A Day volunteer program in September that is endorsed by both mayors. [Read More]
Scenes from Tennessee Vols football practice Tuesday Aug. 15 at University of Tennessee. [Read More]
Taking a look back at the number 20's significant to UT football. [Read More]
Several Vols freshmen getting ahead with brains, brawn        ... [Read More]
Paul Osborne, the owner of All Creatures Wildlife Services, said he gets more calls this time of year because it's the end of bat birthing... [Read More]
Logan Smith is the man behind the page and he is originally from Oak Ridge. He currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. [Read More]
Many school districts across East Tennessee are cancelling classes on the day of the eclipse, but others are using it as part of their lessons. [Read More]
Vote to see the movies you want for this year's Movies on Market Square. [Read More]
Tennessee football coach Butch Jones announced Tuesday that freshman wide receiver Jacquez Jones is out for the season with a knee injury.        ... [Read More]
Two Florida teenager's trip to the thrift store turns into an unforgettable day... [Read More]
Opioid addicts getting treatment at UT Medical will have to follow some new rules regarding attire and visitors. [Read More]
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