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Here's another political cartoon from Arax: ... [Read More]
Here are some political cartoons about Trump world from Arax:... [Read More]… I hope that works it has a shitty ad for 30 seconds... [Read More]
Trump's infrastructure package would destroy America's history of tying the country together and feed the shreds to the pockets of the greedy few. ... [Read More]
First I marched, then I ran. I am running for the Florida House of Representatives in District 52 to be precise. ... [Read More]
Is your business' digital footprint smaller than drumpf's Russian aided electoral victory in Michigan? Do you ever wish to open your FaceBook,... [Read More]
Turn on any talk radio station and there's a 20-1 chance it's supporting the NRA and making sure  Republican politicians will not dare to cooperate... [Read More]
In the hours following special counsel Robert Mueller's latest set of indictments, there has been flurry of frantic activity over at Fox News. The desperation... [Read More]
Hello, Peeps, and welcome! Thank you for having me here this fine caturdai afternoon! Let's get right to it after a word from our sponsor:... [Read More]
The other day a friend posted something on Facebook about school shootings and general gun crime in America and how we have to find a... [Read More]
And to some extent the entire region of Southern Illinois and almost over and into Indiana.  Note: My town was founded by... [Read More]
"38 times since 2010 Police were called to Cruz's house!" Why didn't the "police and FBI" do something? Are we actually THAT stupid? In 2010,... [Read More]
2018 federal congressional races. These are the seats that Hillary Clinton won - with Republican incumbents. We have to... [Read More]
In our latest mass killing it's becoming clear that people had called authorities on Cruz, had said he was a danger, that he wanted to... [Read More]
From yesterday's indictment of the Russian troll farm by Special Counsel Robert Mueller: 47. Starting in or around... [Read More]
Nobody is explaining why or how the Miami FBI was never forwarded a second tip about threats posed by Nikolas Cruz in January. Amazingly enough (especially... [Read More]
A FiveThirtyEight writer argues that Shuri, the charismatic young black woman scientist running Wakanda's technological wonders, will inspire more black girls and women to pursue... [Read More]
"Let's take a moment to honor the sacrifice of our brave schoolchildren who lay down their lives to protect our right to bear arms."  That... [Read More]
If there's anything that captures the true obscenity that the Second Amendment, the gun lobby and its Republican enablers in the U.S. Congress and on... [Read More]
At the end on January visiting judge Sylvia Herndon said she would rule on the fate of a transgender boy in Cincinnati, whose parents refused... [Read More]
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