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Today, Donald Trump showed where his true allegiance lies. The founders of our great republic believed that all of use were created equal. We Americans... [Read More]
Never forget. Racists always claim Nazi violence was provoked. They always blame the victims for defending themselves against fascism. And they eventually always try to equate... [Read More]
Here's my letter to Ms. Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup, who says she's not going to resign from board. Dear Ms. Morrison:... [Read More]
I subscribe to the belief, one I'm hearing a lot lately, that empathy  is what we really need right now. At times of crisis,  the more... [Read More]
Good evening, Kibitzers! Since I sadly did not go to NN this year, I drove up to Massachusetts for the weekend, to visit for my... [Read More]
By now, many have heard Trump's cowardly statement after Saturday's Charlottesville protest and domestic terrorist attack that killed Heather Heyer and injured others. Trump's response? ... [Read More]
I keep hearing people defend Donald Trump and say he's not a racist but the facts are that they can not back up that statement... [Read More]
It is good to be back, to be able to ask the question of the day or night….I've missed everyone. ... [Read More]
...Instead, Trump is actually fomenting it. Even if it were just stubbornness and not genuine sympathy with neo-Nazis Trump is guaranteeing that they will engage... [Read More]
We cannot turn our faces from this evil and expect it to go away on its own.  We can't not apologize because this is the... [Read More]
This afternoon, as reported by Daily Kos,  Donald J Trump doubled down on "both sides" for causing violence in Charlottesville.     I am pasting... [Read More]
Getting inside of Trump's brain is admittedly a hopeless and fruitless endeavor. But since I've watched a lot of Game of Thrones lately, I can't... [Read More]
I haven't written anything in a while because I thought that there wasn't much more to point out regarding Donald Trump, or all of the negative... [Read More]
The Vinyl of the Day is 'Mystery Girl' by Roy Orbison, 1989. Roy's final album, it was left unfinished by his death, but was released... [Read More]
Tonight, voters in Alabama and Utah will go to the polls in party primaries for two special elections this fall. In Alabama, appointed Sen. Luther... [Read More]
Donald Trump today asked if people wanted to tear down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because he is the Neville Chamberlain of the... [Read More]
xFederal court finds not only did #TxLege discriminate, but Texas' legal strategy in redistricting was also intended to discriminate.— Scott Braddock (@scottbraddock... [Read More]
in the following tweet: UPDATE-  turns out it may be a transcription error on... [Read More]
I listened to Trump this afternoon saying what he really felt about Charlottesville. He feels that white supremacists in this country are not being treated... [Read More]
Update 8.15.2017, 2:37pm. An idea to share that's come up in the comments — call your state and local officials to bring this video to their attention.... [Read More]
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