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Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen, recently interviewed by NBC News, succintly and clearly gave us the answer.  Here it is. ... [Read More]
It is with the utmost of love, gratitude and respect I present to you the work of this young woman, Thorbites. If you like what... [Read More]
"Mr. President, why haven't we heard anything from you so far about the soldiers killed in Niger, and what do you have to say about... [Read More]
I'll give you that it's sort of a clever ad.  Lynn Jenkins (R) is retiring from KS-02, and so far the GOPers top money-raiser (by... [Read More]
This is not a hard diary to write. The similarities between these two Steves are not very hard to distinguish between. The main difference being... [Read More]
This is going to be a repost from my first two lengthy posts, turned into diary form with a bit of tweaks. ... [Read More]
If you've spent any considerable amount of time watching Fox News (and why would you), you are already used to some astonishingly idiotic comments and... [Read More]
A failure to see yourself living in a different body (from ignorance of knowledge of the benefits of doing so, for example) should make it... [Read More]
So Richard "don't call me Dick" Spencer, fresh from declaring that women shouldn't vote, has decided that getting military security for his speech represents flattery even... [Read More]
I have a thing for black cats.  My first was a little black short hair named Bete Noire.  She was my companion for 18 and... [Read More]
I saw an article today on WaPo that caught my eye, and, at first, I wasn't sure why. It was about a book by Margareta... [Read More]
A couple of friends, whom I knew best in the 1980's, will visit St. Louis, Missouri, my home, this weekend.  They will be our guests,... [Read More]
It's said that politics makes strange bedfellows, and that seems to be true when it comes to the Religious Right and the Republican Party. ... [Read More]
— Didn't the Republicans Shut-down the Govt, over this very issue a few years ago? And they're soooooooooo desperate,... [Read More]
Pretty much everywhere in the US now smoking is prohibited in public places. If there are any places left where it isn't I am unaware... [Read More]
This will be one of the shorter diaries, because I am not supposed to be posting tonight (outpatient surgery this AM so I should be... [Read More]
Guest: Heather Digby Parton on Trump rage, GOP 'cowardice', so-called 'Values Voters'; Also: Deadly hurricane in Ireland(?!), fires in CA, war between US-armed allies in... [Read More]
I rarely tell my "true" coming out story. I was forced to come out of the closet when I was 17. I... [Read More]
I am not an apologist for targeted, predatory violence. I have a different take on the coercion and assault by Harvey Weinstein's that... [Read More]
Denise wrote a great post yesterday.  She requested a diary from my perspective of  discomfort and how I equated it to what is happening in... [Read More]
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