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Someone says, "There's a squirrel!"  You look, and the accomplice picks your pocket. Trump and his enablers are dismantling the government.  DOJ;... [Read More]
In the wake of the hateful "send her back!" racist hateful chants directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar from the highest office of the land. Please... [Read More]
Eric Alterman at The Nation writes— If Jeffrey Epstein Faces Justice, It'll Be Thanks to a Local Newspaper .  The decline of regional news will... [Read More]
The seventeen year old Texas-American Girl peered seriously at the much older German Lady she had grown to Respect and Love through exchanged Letters throughout... [Read More]
Several comments in recent diaries have asked which Democrats or which Republicans voted for or against a bill or resolution. Here is a way to... [Read More]
NASA, in its drive to get humans to the lunar surface, was a rather white organization doing manly things. It wasn't going to put women... [Read More]
What, a 66-year-old high-level state employee can't send Tupac-related emails to 4,300 colleagues and bring 'Thug Life' cookies to his birthday? (T)... [Read More]
Guest: Constitutional law expert Ian Millhiser on the GOP's ACA challenge and the passing of SCOTUS' 'last great conservative Justice'... The United... [Read More]
It's Woozle Wednesday, and the dogs and other critter friends are here to welcome you to our furry corner of DKOS. Tonight, the woozles... [Read More]
On July 1st 2019, Mother lost a battle. It was battle she had no IDEA how to fight. The BEST part of this picture… she loved... [Read More]
I have examples to share with you.  I will describe my intention and show what the camera captured.  The machine shown and I sometimes have... [Read More]
Where is the list of Democrats who supported Trump by voting NOT to impeach him? I, and many cohorts, are well prepared to... [Read More]
Now that the Trump administration's efforts to place a citizenship question on the 2020 census have been shot down by the courts—due to widespread lying by... [Read More]
The American public, aside from Republican members of Congress, isn't going to take nonsense on this one. In a new USA TODAY/Ipsos poll, Americans are... [Read More]
Time magazine listed the top 50 American foods of modern times. My favorite, as you can tell from the above... [Read More]
I'm white. That's not an identity statement. It's just to get that out right up front. White. Old white guy. That's what people see. ... [Read More]
Sorry but this constant harping by Republicans on their fears of Socialism and anyone who even mentions it has grown into one of the most... [Read More]
Executive Summary The only hope left for democracy in the USA is: That Democrats win the Executive,... [Read More]
Still under the weather, but hope mrs side pocket is doing much better today. She was certainly missed during NN. Sweetest couple... [Read More]
There is a flood of "news articles" about Trump and the Republicans out there on the Web, far too many to read on a daily... [Read More]