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Rime, the indie game caught halfway between Ico and Journey was released last week. With Denuvo DRM. Like a lot of games. But that made... [Read More]
Most video games are content just to string the player along through dungeons, towns, or corridors full of machine gun cover while dishing out character... [Read More]
These are the latest heroes to be added to the game starting May 30. The spring event came with bunny costumes, so naturally a series... [Read More]
Track: Somebody To Love | Artist: Queen | Album: A Night at the Opera... [Read More]
Previously, Square Enix was working with external studio CyberConnect2 to develop Final Fantasy VII Remake. But now, Square Enix will be making the game in-house. [Read More]
The PS4 and Switch versions of Dragon Quest X have release dates for Japan: DQX for PS4 will be out August 17, while DQX for... [Read More]
As far as animated food goes, Studio Ghibli's looks delicious. Now at the Ghibli Museum, there is an official exhibition depicting recreations of the studio's... [Read More]
To mark Monster Hunter XX's Switch version, Capcom is releasing a special MH emblazoned Switch. [Read More]
There was a potentially serious event at the Phoenix Comicon over the weekend that saw prop weapons banned from the showroom floor. Which would wreck... [Read More]
At the end of an intense top eight, Dominic "SonicFox" McLean secured a 3-1 win in the first Injustice 2 Pro Series event at Combo... [Read More]
Blizzard's MOBA throws all the company's famous properties into the one game, which means the artists tasked with imagining Heroes of the Storm's look got... [Read More]
Pixel God Paul Robertson has drawn up an exhaustive catalogue of Australian PokÃ... [Read More]
Pilgrim is a mod for Fallout 4 that takes Bethesda's Commonwealth and turns it into something you'd see in a game like Silent Hill. [Read More]
Tokyo 42, Star Trek: Bridge Crew (for real this time), and a bunch of other stuff comes out this week. As Memorial Day marks the... [Read More]
Balrog is Street Fighter V's One Punch Man. Capable of dishing out an insane amount damage, the fighting game community is divided over the power... [Read More]
At Combo Breaker in St. Charles, Illinois, two countries clashed to prove who was the best in the tournament's own namesake. [Read More]
People have been playing Super Mario 64 for years but few have plumbed the depths of how it was constructed and the unique ways its... [Read More]
Good statues don't come cheap and Mega Man X is no exception. But for the price of six months' car insurance or a round-trip flight... [Read More]
Artist: Com Truise - Album: Galactic Melt ... [Read More]