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Two men in Indonesia's Aceh province were publicly caned dozens of times Tuesday for consensual gay sex, a punishment that intensifies an anti-gay backlash and... [Read More]
They made history in Brighton Beach! [Read More]
Two Indonesian men were caned Tuesday in front of a jeering crowd as a punishment for gay sex, in a first for the Muslim-majority country... [Read More]
Complaints suggested Shannon Molloy's involvement compromised NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby... [Read More]
After being convicted of making bomb threats, Gerald Jackson reinvented himself as an online preacher and amateur reporter. Then he went after an innocent man. [Read More]
The presenter of a popular TV show in France is under fire after he made what his critics say was a humiliating and homophobic prank... [Read More]
Two Indonesian men will Tuesday be publicly caned for having sex, in a first for the Muslim-majority country where there are concerns over mounting hostility... [Read More]
Daniel Ramming drove down the Belt Highway a few years ago. It was just before one of the first St. Joseph Pride parades was to... [Read More]
Around 140 men were detained following a Monday raid by local law enforcement officers on a gay bar near Jakarta, Indonesia. [Read More]
A raid by police on a gym and sauna in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Sunday evening is being seen by some as the latest... [Read More]
Decorah Police are investigating the theft of several Gay Pride flags from homes over the weekend. [Read More]
Police in Indonesia have arrested 141 men who were allegedly holding a party at a sauna. Police said that a gay prostitution ring was being... [Read More]
The man charged with writing homophobic graffiti and a Nazi swastika on The George last weekend has been ordered to stay away from the popular... [Read More]
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is not above holding the Texas legislature hostage in order to curtail trans bathroom rights... [Read More]
Two men say they had to escape from Chechnya because the government is rounding up and torturing gay men. CNN's Matthew Chance reports from Moscow. [Read More]
Guns continue to be a hot button issue in this year's elections in Virginia. Monday, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam held a press call with the... [Read More]
A gay couple traveling on …... [Read More]
There is an estimated 500,000 homeless youth in the United States. 40 percent of them identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT.) This feature... [Read More]
The airline says turning the family away had nothing to do with discrimination. [Read More]
Southwest Airlines is known as the LUV airline, using LUV as its symbol on the stock market and having a heart in its logo, but... [Read More]