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As Sears Holdings Corp. goes through bankruptcy, retail landlords wondering how they could be impacted might want to look at a 2015 deal.Mall owner Macerich... [Read More]
The Supreme Court is leaving in place a decision that required paint companies to fund the removal of lead paint from California homes.The Supreme Court... [Read More]
Bank of America said Monday it made record profit during the third quarter of this year, an achievement the bank said was helped by an... [Read More]
When it comes to working our midsection, we have a huge variety of options. Whether it's by choice or by restriction, we can stand, sit,... [Read More]
As I bulldoze into the back nine of my life, I've upped the blame game.My waistline. Expanding? Can't be. The inches on measuring tapes must... [Read More]
Two Miami students are facing charges for threatening to shoot up Miami Springs Middle School, according to police.Miami Dade Schools Police Chief Edwin Lopez said... [Read More]
SleepSometimes when I'm in need of sleep,I then turn down my satin sheets.I say my prayers then climb in bedWith soft white pillows for my... [Read More]
The Lakeland Public Library is a great resource — and it's more than just a place to find books.The Lakeland library is my library, but... [Read More]
The video shows the violent ending when Cristobal Lopez, who was captured shoplifting a hatchet, was fatally shot by Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn. [Read More]
 ... [Read More]
The Villa Nova estate sits on 5 acres in the Mountain Lake community. The listing price is $3.995 million. [Read More]
Earlier this week Florida Southern College's Center for Polling and Policy Research released a poll on the upcoming election. According to the Lakeland-based center,... [Read More]
The polarizing atmosphere of the university has now spread to Congress. During the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, we witnessed... [Read More]
Occasionally I tune in CNN, actually appreciate some of its news discussions and otherwise grin and bear it. The other day, though, I frowned... [Read More]
Welcome to fear, white guys. Come on in, the water sucks. Ask just about every black man in America. From stop-and-frisk to... [Read More]
Citrus Connection's relationship with the elected officials and staffs of the communities it serves has always been strong, and that strength was proven again this... [Read More]
As I look back over my life, I can remember talking too much in an elementary school class. After being disciplined and accepting my... [Read More]
Walt Back's letters "Vote GOP to hit the brakes on socialism" [Sept. 30] is so full of disinformation regarding the national debt, immigration, civil rights,... [Read More]
Thank you, Kelly Bare, for rebuking Mayor Bill Mutz for wanting to give hardworking Lakeland taxpayers' money to bums ["Move homeless missions far away from... [Read More]
WINTER HAVEN — The City Commission was privy to the idea of the Florida Department of Transportation funding the majority of two projects at the Winter... [Read More]