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Former Vice President Joe Biden, along with Jacky Rosen, Steve Sisolak and other candidates running for office, speaks to supporters during a Democratic rally at... [Read More]
Elections have consequences, including defining who we are as a people. Now we have a chance to show the world that we are reasonable and... [Read More]
Here's a rundown of our choices for contested positions in state and local government, as well as judicial elections. Please note that the Sun has... [Read More]
There is no day that defines the institution of the presidency more than the Inauguration. From Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address to JFK's first, inauguration day... [Read More]
Clark County residents showed up to vote on Saturday in record fashion during the initial day of the early voting period. More than ... [Read More]
Las Vegas Democrats are kicking off early voting with former Vice President Joe Biden while President Donald Trump prepares for yet another visit to ... [Read More]
As an expectant mother, I am concerned about the lack of changing tables available to men in public restrooms. [Read More]
President Donald Trump attacked a woman who suffered a sexual assault as a teenager and, for 35 years, kept her silence — except to her... [Read More]
The creation of the so-called Space Force branch of the military is absurd. It would create more expenditures for defense that are unnecessary because they... [Read More]
This month, a new "public charge" proposal was posted in the Federal Register and opened to public comments for60 days. This proposed policy aims to... [Read More]
So, President Donald Trump called Stormy Daniels "Horseface." Truly, I thought that after the first two or three or 12 incidents of comparing women to... [Read More]
Saudi Arabia's apparent torture, murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi has been met in some quarters with more lamentation than outrage. Here — so the... [Read More]
For a city that's appeared in so many movies, Las Vegas doesn't have a great moviegoing legacy. What we do have, however, is something people... [Read More]
Micah Bowens completed 15 of 18 passes for more than 300 yards and four touchdowns today for the Bishop Gorman High football team in ... [Read More]
Josh Cox scores plenty of touchdowns for the Moapa Valley High football team at wide receiver. He probably didn't expect ... [Read More]
Max Gilliam had his best game since taking over as starting quarterback, but it didn't make a difference in the end, as the UNLV defense... [Read More]
Republicans and Democrats alike are working to show their support for protections for pre-existing conditions, a popular aspect of the Affordable Care Act that both... [Read More]
UNLV football and the Running Rebels basketball news... [Read More]
In their continuing effort to reduce roadway deaths, Southern Nevada law enforcement agencies are beefing up patrols to catch suspected impaired motorists ... [Read More]
While his cousin was "fake sleeping" on the floor of a southeast valley bedroom, the suspect bludgeoned him to death with a copper pipe ... [Read More]