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Landscaper Dane Keiser is bracing for a surge in business after the Southern Nevada Water Authority upped its bounty for removing grass to conserve water.... [Read More]
Hill takes the reins of the authority during a time where a sizable economic boom is anticipated to occur ... [Read More]
In the Notes: Bejac, Luis Ayon, Christopher Burk, Chelsie Adams, Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, Scott Wiegand, Ballard Spahr and more ... [Read More]
Find out about real estate brokerages. This week, we rank them by total 2017 local resale volume. [Read More]
Eric Sevareid (1912-1992), the author and broadcaster, said he was a pessimist about tomorrow but an optimist about the day after tomorrow. Regarding America's economy,... [Read More]
It's disgusting that the hatred of President Donald Trump is so deep as to prompt a letter writer to compare Trump and his appointees to... [Read More]
The Democratic Socialists of America party is depending on uninformed and uneducated people for votes. Do any of them realize that socialism doesn't work? [Read More]
Nevada is one of 11 states where NextGen America is coordinating high school and college campus voter registration drives with the goal of registering 3,000... [Read More]
Just when you think President Donald Trump couldn't sink any lower, he astounds. He's bewildering in his ability to sink and then sink further —... [Read More]
Since the Aug. 10 story about the "Why the Manhattan Madam is in the Mueller inquiry," the collusion of the Trump campaign is coming into... [Read More]
I found an ad for "Yes on 3" interesting. [Read More]
The Trump administration's order to separate families detained at the U.S.-Mexico border is now an ugly memory, but its cancelation didn't spell the end of... [Read More]
It would be helpful if the writer of the Aug. 5 letter "Have some empathy for Americans" would be more specific. [Read More]
We all have regrets about our professional life. [Read More]
The children playing government are getting away with a no-rules-apply game. There seem to be a few elders, but they are afraid of the bad... [Read More]
For years, we've been hearing about the importance and value of better gas mileage: It helps consumers at the pump, reduces our reliance on foreign... [Read More]
The second Tough Mudder Bootcamp in the country opened here this month, offering specific 45-minute workouts with six exercise stations to target a different muscle... [Read More]
A new survey of nearly 10,000 American adults shows that the strong economy is rallying Republicans and maybe swaying some independents. But many voters still... [Read More]
Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore praised President Donald Trump's pardon last month of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two Eastern Oregon ranchers convicted of arson... [Read More]
Whether flying once a week or once a year, many people have a love/hate relationship with air travel. Yes, it can be faster than traveling... [Read More]