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Victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds, police said... [Read More]
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People who serve alcohol — whether at bars, restaurants or private residences — may soon face consequences if they provide booze to someone who is... [Read More]
The ability of drones to interfere with airliners — and inconvenience their passengers — has now been demonstrated on two continents, and the problem is... [Read More]
Thousands of Missourians will likely owe the state money this spring instead of receiving a tax refund. [Read More]
The Friday headline "Trump grounds Pelosi" is a joke. There is no such thing as "grounding" a member of Congress. [Read More]
Starting next month, millions of Americans will lose their SNAP benefits, and they will end up at the front door of churches like mine looking... [Read More]
The inability of our elected leaders to compromise has led to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. I am proud of my work as... [Read More]
COMEDY... [Read More]
Former Portage street superintendent Steve Charnetzky walked into the FBI office in Merrillville, providing a tip that helped launch a three-year probe into possible wrongdoings... [Read More]
The cause of death has not been determined. [Read More]
Voters in NY have just elected to congress a woman who is the epitome of the type of brain dead products being turned out by... [Read More]
Senator Mitch McConnel appears to be an employee of Trump. He will not forward bills to the White House, unless Trump says it is okay... [Read More]
The School District of La Crosse has its eyes on a downtown bar and music venue, although district officials Wednesday would not disclose any progress... [Read More]
In Sunday's news, you made sure to cover the 100,000 strong women's march in Washington DC. You covered a small story about some Catholic school... [Read More]
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Over the past two decades, wind turbines have gradually become part of the Wyoming landscape. [Read More]