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INFORUM On its first day in session, the Republican House members voted to eliminate the independent House ethics committee. Republican Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chafitz openly threatens the director of the... [Read More]
INFORUM I attended the Chamber of Commerce "State of the Cities" breakfast meeting Jan. 13. The presentations by the mayors of our four cities were very well done. But that was... [Read More]
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OpEd and letters to the editor from the pages of the The Times-Tribune, and [Read More]
Don't know why women support Trump... [Read More]
Letter writer: The city has been irresponsible in annexing large tracts of undeveloped land from the county for dense development when we don't have the infrastructure to support it. [Read More]
Eric Tessmer, who opposes "death with dignity," is guilty of the very thing that he accuses supporters of doing — providing "inaccurate and incomplete information" ("'Death with dignity' not best option," Star-Advertiser, Island... [Read More]
Martin Luther King, Jr. [Read More]
My old Sunday School teacher was wont to ask us if Jesus had returned to earth, would we have been embarrassed at what he found us doing, or would we have been filled... [Read More]
The Constitution provides for "Advice and Consent" from the Senate to ensure that presidential cabinet positions are held to a higher standard than for other positions. [Read More]
LU's misguided fixation on guns... [Read More]
As the mayor of the Village of Patchogue, I read with interest your profile of Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini. [Read More]
Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about the profound separation among Americans. It has an ominous tone. How do we reconcile? [Read More]
It should be obvious that the Affordable Care Act gives more people better coverage for less money than anything the Republicans have proposed or anything... [Read More]
Now that John Venditto has resigned as Oyster Bay Town supervisor, how much will it cost taxpayers to remove his name from every welcome sign,... [Read More]
It's surprising and disappointing that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand opposed the granting of a civilian waiver to retired Gen. James Mattis, who needed the exception because... [Read More]
As the mayor of the Village of Patchogue, I read with interest your profile of Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini ["Sini's mission," News, Jan. 8]. [Read More]
Huffman and Trump EDITOR: Bob Seyms criticizes Rep. Jared Huffman for his decision... [Read More]
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