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Poverty is the cause of many of our ailments. Almost all studies addressing a specific social problem mention poverty as at least part of the... [Read More]
When Betsy DeVos, President Trump's pick for our secretary of education, was denied entrance to a public school by protesters, it brought back to me... [Read More]
Missing in action EDITOR: I have already voted by mail for the cannabis... [Read More]
doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. [Read More]
Stakes are high... [Read More]
Supporting woman's choice... [Read More]
The Westerly Sun is a local print and digital daily newspaper covering all local news, sports and community events in the Southern Rhode Island and... [Read More]
Marion's uninsured, disrespectful Democrats, fix don't repeal... [Read More]
I agree with Judy Hensley ("Faith and science not mutually exclusive," Jan. 10 letter). The one major obstacle seems to be creation from the earth... [Read More]
There has been much worry recently about the availability of drugs used for lethal injection executions. These are expensive, hard to come by and difficult... [Read More]
My wife and I had the privilege to watch our own daughter thrive at Mary Baldwin University (then Mary Baldwin College). It was a stepping-stone... [Read More]
MORE CITY CONTROL Now St. Paul plans to implement a citywide trash collection system ("Centralized trash collection finally coming to St. Paul, but sticking points remain,"... [Read More]
In response to your coverage of the new president and Congress — politicians often vow to stand up and defend the interests of ordinary Americans... [Read More]
The Jan. 14 Independent article on millennials shows how progressive liberal education has affected our youth. Pew research said in 2014 32.1 percent of young... [Read More]
GROUNDS FOR IMPEACHMENT We have many reasons to impeach President Trump as soon as possible. The following are just a few as his master plan... [Read More]
A monument at the base of the Hartman Bridge and "Perception is Reality." The picture on the front page of the Baytown Sun on Feb.... [Read More]
Re: "A new meaning to 'bar' exam" Pg. 9-A Sunday... [Read More]
For the last eight years, Jim Nelson has served as the Silvis City Clerk. He has been part of a team which has moved the... [Read More]
"Thou shalt not give up" was the beginning phrase regarding the bill to allow Ten Commandments displays. "Tilting at windmills again" is more appropriate. [Read More]
Rep. Justin Humphrey's House Bill 1441 needs to be aborted now ("Legislator paints pregnant women as 'host' to fetus," Feb. 14). [Read More]