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I am both saddened and outraged by the... [Read More]
When is enough, enough? Another school shooting. Eighteen school shootings since Jan. 1. More than any time previous. [Read More]
I have had the privilege of visiting the encampment at the Waianae boat harbor on numerous occasions ("Waianae encampment seeks help from state," Star-Advertiser, Feb.... [Read More]
I had a nostalgia moment reading about the restoration of the state's oldest department store, Cochran, Blair and Potts in Belton. The store is now... [Read More]
After reading comments from many of the Sun's readers about why the border wall should not be built, I would like to offer a different... [Read More]
In response to the article "Full speed ahead -- but stay to the right" in Friday's paper. [Read More]
The AP "Fact Check" on Scott Pruitt (Feb. 9) could use some fact-checking on its own. The AP asserts:... [Read More]
Another mass shooting ... but do we care? [Read More]
I must confess that I was surprised and disappointed at the news of continuing delays in the regional forest thinning effort. I do have a... [Read More]
Alternative facts update:... [Read More]
I am a proud veteran but no longer a Republican. I am now unaffiliated. I can no longer belong to a party that can elect... [Read More]
After last year's heavy winter, I read that our city accepted a bid of $9 million to repair the damage to the streets and fill... [Read More]
The U.S. Postal Service already provides many valuable services to the communities it serves in America, provided by the Constitution. Services such as six-, and... [Read More]
Mr. Trump's demand for an elaborate military parade is flatly ridiculous. His demand conjures images of massed regiments strutting across Moscow's Red Square; of North... [Read More]
Texting and driving, sticking a knife into a toaster, walking in front of a car, driving while under the influence. All these things are avoidable... [Read More]
City has litter crews, county looks like a dump and using kids as political barter. [Read More]
Letter response... [Read More]
To the Editor:... [Read More]
House File 2178, which would provide insurance coverage for hearing aids for babies and children in Iowa, is currently being considered in the House Human... [Read More]
Strong language vs. profanity Almost more regrettable than Donald Trump's use of the term "shithole" to refer to entire countries or cont ... [Read More]