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Subsurface Technologies, Inc. of New Windsor recently performed remediation services involving an underground heating oil tank at Molleville Farm Post 467, V... [Read More]
This unabashedly tree hugging, liberal Carroll Countian celebrates Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to support t... [Read More]
It is election season once again in Mount Airy. I feel compelled to write this letter of support of Pat Rockinberg for Mayor. I have... [Read More]
Re: "District 9 candidate alters residency claim," front page, March 17: Lynlie Wallace, who is running illegally for City Council District 9 due to... [Read More]
INFORUM The American Health Care Act is among the worst pieces of legislation for women in a generation and it must be rejected. With... [Read More]
Tread carefully, legislators; you're fooling around with the lives of people that others love... [Read More]
Democratic Caucus a successThe Maynard Democratic Town Committee would like to thank the town clerk, Michelle Sokolowski, and assistant town clerk, Diane Donovan, for their... [Read More]
Medical was too costly for many before Obamacare; it will be again when Republicans replace it with a lesser program... [Read More]
Readers sound off on health care and an increase in assaults at the University of Tennessee.        ... [Read More]
I am writing this letter on behalf of the man behind the success of the Washington Navy JROTC program, Lt. Raines, the instructor/teacher for the... [Read More]
Young business owner got pneumonia, was diagnosed, hospitalized and now is recovering thanks to policy she bought through the ACA... [Read More]
Cooperation a must to tackle the City of Poughkeepsie's issues... [Read More]
Apprehension of suspect long overdue... [Read More]
The teachers' union's slanderous attacks on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos convince me she's the right person for the job. [Read More]
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Question: Has public begging become such a problem in Salina that our police chief feels compelled to address citizens on how to deal with it?... [Read More]
Remember the century before Obamacare? All Americans had access to health insurance with lots of choices. But tens of millions couldn't afford any of the... [Read More]
We need the protectors of our Constitution to appear and stop the madness of Donald J. Trump. When he stupidly tweeted about Obama's wire tapping... [Read More]
The Florida Impact Fee Act states that "impact fees are an important source of revenue for a local government to use in funding the infrastructure... [Read More]
og:description, twitter:@DailyTimes_DT... [Read More]