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This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark "regime change Syria" chapter. Serbian media sources are... [Read More]
Last Friday, President Trump made the following announcement: I have decided not to block release of the CIA's remaining JFK-assassination related records except for those... [Read More]
Our two-party system makes it almost impossible for libertarians to get elected to office, especially on the national level. In order for libertarians to get... [Read More]
This week President Trump revealed his final five candidates for Federal Reserve chair. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, all five have strong ties to the financial... [Read More]
Preamble The longbeards, as they were to be known, was a tribe of the very early Middle Ages.  What we know of their fifth-century origins comes... [Read More]
COLONIAL KINGSTON, NY, 23 October 2017— As President Donald Trump prepares to release the John F. Kennedy assassination files, global trend forecaster Gerald Celente reveals the inside... [Read More]
Declassified records from the Reagan presidential library show how the U.S. government enlisted civilian agencies in psychological operations designed to exploit information as a way... [Read More]
For as long as people have been speaking the English language, they've been deploying it to poke fun at one another. Let's dig a little... [Read More]
Newly declassified files from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta confirm the extent to which American officials supported the killings of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians in the... [Read More]
In my lifetime, I've witnessed five Cubas. Pre-Revolution, 1952–1958 In the 1950s, the Cuban people suffered under great oppression from the country's military dictator, Fulgencio... [Read More]
While low red blood cells can be a sign of a serious health issue, such as anemia, there are ways to increase RBC. People generally... [Read More]
ReadyNutrition Readers, Simply put, urban survival will be quite a bit different from survival in a remote wilderness area or even a sparsely-populated suburban area.  Let's game... [Read More]
Removing Gaddafi Was First Step. [Read More]
It is About Brussels. [Read More]
Today would have been the 81st birthday of Ralph Raico, who died last December 31. His intellectual brilliance was evident from an early age, and... [Read More]
Democratic Borough President of the Bronx Ruben Diaz, Jr. recently explained in the New York Post, why he is proudly marching in the Columbus Day Parade. He... [Read More]
As hypersensitivity across the world reaches a fever pitch, it seems that no one is immune to accusations ranging from racism to xenophobia. Nowhere was... [Read More]
If you are anything like me, you may have thought to yourself over the years, Man, I really wish I would have learned another language in... [Read More]
Last week, I casually mentioned to a friend that I had gone to see a movie by myself. Personally, I've never thought it strange to... [Read More]
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