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Monday, October 9, 2017 at 03:36 PM
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    One of my occasional critics recently pointed out, quite correctly, that I have absolutely nothing to say and that this blog is and... [Read More]
Amid the widespread evacuations from the North Bay fires, a large number of residents on Monday are seeking shelter for not only themselves, but for... [Read More]
Historic preservation is a challenge for every community. Leading the way is the city of Stamford, Connecticut. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the... [Read More]
In case you've ever wondered what Belle and Ariel would look like with curls. [Read More]
One young woman uses Photoshop to virtually try on clothes she finds online before buying them. [Read More]
"Every month my aunt has a photo shoot for her dogs, and it's the funniest and cutest thing ever." [Read More]
Many followers are pointing out that Morocco is probably not the best place to be so scantily clad. [Read More]
New survey finds women who snack at work consume 100,000 extra calories each year. [Read More]
Hot 97 unveiled the lineup for the 2017 edition of its annual Hot For The Holidays concert. Cardi B, Chris Brown and Meek Mill are... [Read More]
The chef developed a signature take on 'Indigenous fusion,' inspiring a new generation of cooks to explore traditional foods that are often overlooked... [Read More]
Athletes who suffer concussions are more prone to anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances after retiring, according to new research by soccer's world players' union FIFPro. [Read More]
The Supreme Court will decide an interesting question of law whether a woman will lose her religious identity upon marrying a man of another religion.... [Read More]
Enjoy your friends while you can, Kylie! [Read More]
Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on [Read More]
Following reports that Colin Kaepernick would stand for national anthem given another shot in the NFL, his girlfriend Nessa Diab confirms that it's false. [Read More]
ADVICE: I had the last of my kids seven years ago, but I'm still having problems with my pelvic floor. Is there any way I can... [Read More]
Rita Moran reviews It's Greek Cuisine in Camarillo. [Read More]
Get Quick Crispy Chicken Cutlets Recipe from Food Network... [Read More]
There is pleasure in both giving and receiving. Does gender influence which of these pleasures we prefer?In women, part of the brain showed a greater response... [Read More]