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A civil rights leader says it's part of a growing and troubling nationwide trend. [Read More]
"Do we still need a Black History Month?" Not only was that the query I got from a friend earlier this month, but it was... [Read More]
President Andrew Hamilton and Aramark both issued apologies for a Black History Month lunch served in Weinstein Passport Dining on Tuesday that played into... [Read More]
There was watermelon flavored water and kool-aid. [Read More]
Black History Month, celebrated every February in the United States and Canada, is an appropriate time to acknowledge special people and events pertaining to that... [Read More]
Students and staff at Van Duyn Elementary School made literacy a significant part of Black History Month by hosting an African American read-in. Community... [Read More]
Friday rounded up the Black History Month events at Alliance City Schools, with an assembly at the high school, where three awards were given and an... [Read More]
AJC Sepia Black History Month: Activist, scholar Angela Davis still challenging status quo... [Read More]
As Black History Month focuses on wartime, here are three service members honored for bravery. [Read More]
Cultural center would be blessed with photos, documents and other artifacts. [Read More]
Lucy Craft Laney student Sophica talks about history, race and why she's proud of her school and herself. [Read More]
Black History Month honors black people who set the stage for black people to excel, and now it's time to celebrate that excellence. [Read More]
This Black History Month, schools in the Madison Metropolitan School district are looking at new ways to teach about achievements of African-American leaders. [Read More]
The Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center will host a Black History Month event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 17 at... [Read More]
North County's Black History Month celebration will include a walk through musical history in Oceanside this month. [Read More]
Unfortunately, the historical contributions of Black LGBTQ/SGL people are far too often diminished or ignored in conversations, especially during Black History Month. It is important... [Read More]
New Hyde Park, L.I.: I think it is despicable that your paper chose to put a picture of an NYC school principal on its front... [Read More]
February is the month of love but for many students it is also a chance to celebrate and educate. In 1976, February was chosen as... [Read More]
Taking preventative steps and taking care of your health is a key factor in creating better outcomes for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, according to... [Read More]
THE BRONX — The Education Department launched an investigation into the principal of a Bronx school who allegedly won't allow black history lessons. Mercedes Liriano Clark,... [Read More]