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During the Columbus Day weekend, Sarah and I were invited to take a great mother-daughter trip to Alexandria, Virginia. More about this fun getaway later, but one of the... [Read More]
New Year's,... [Read More]
Ben Shapiro likes to act like he's the conservative antidote to Milo Yiannapoulis, Richard Spencer and the other white supremacist goons, but on Columbus Day... [Read More]
The Syracuse School Board of Education put off voting on whether to rename Columbus Day to "Indigenous People's Day." [Read More]
Get enough people together who are offended by something, and that something will disappear as if it never existed, just like Columbus Day... [Read More]
The best place to look for polls that are spot on... [Read More]
Many people look back at Christopher Columbus as a self-made man who discovered a new (round) world, and opposed a backwards Church. These are myths. [Read More]
Today is Columbus Day, and while the national holiday has been the source of much debate over the years, there is no debate about whether... [Read More]
As an Italian American, I can't help but feel a little sorrow that a man who represented the visionary boldness and adventurousness of the Italian... [Read More]
It takes more than a few cities replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People Day, but it's a start. [Read More]
As the years go on, a lot of cities, states and universities are instead celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day. ... [Read More]
The most important of all American ideals is said to be freedom, yet Columbus Day is testament to the fact that our culture values power... [Read More]
So, what banks are open and which are closed on the Columbus Day 2017 holiday? Check out all the information you need here. [Read More]
A movement to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day has gained momentum in some parts of the U.S., with Los Angeles... [Read More]
Monday, Oct. 9 marks Columbus Day here in the United States. [Read More]
Monday is Columbus Day, a federal, Missouri and county holiday. [Read More]
Get the rundown on whether schools are open or closed on Columbus Day 2017, this year. Who observes the holiday? [Read More]
Ever heard of Amerigo Vespucci? There's an argument he should have received the recognition — and noted holiday — Christopher Columbus enjoys. [Read More]
Columbus Day is always the second Monday in October and comes a little early this year, as does opening day of deer season, columnist Dan... [Read More]
Courageous. Resourceful. Persevering.Misguided. Arrogant. Exploitive.All those adjectives came to mind as I read some of the journals of Christopher Columbus.Monday is Columbus Day, the increasingly... [Read More]