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When David Harris Jr. of Redding attends the Young Black Leadership Summit, he'll take a break to attend a lunch reception hosted by President Trump. [Read More]
Midterm voters are mostly likely to cite health care as a leading issue, according to a Thursday poll that bolsters Democrats' decision to focus on... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast On Oct. 6, the former Mayor of New York and current attorney to President Trump Rudy Giuliani retweeted... [Read More]
The internet has taken a break from poking fun at President Trump's Twitter typos to mock his older daughter's misattribution of a quote to the... [Read More]
Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel had a ball with a tweeted exchange between President Trump and Stormy Daniels. [Read More]
President Trump calls the damage done by Hurricane Michael incredible. [Read More]
President Donald Trump and the First Lady will be heading to the storm zone in northern Florida and Georgia to see the destructive power of... [Read More]
Aa very awkward moment shared between the first couple embarking on their trip has gone viral. [Read More]
President Donald Trump and the First Lady visited the storm zone in northern Florida and Georgia to see the destructive power of Hurricane Michael first... [Read More]
President Trump is a bully and a liar. He lies about big things. He lies about little things. He lies about everything. He lies when,... [Read More]
Airports in the United States are now required to provide a private space for moms to nurse their children. A five-year reauthorization of the Federal... [Read More]
Although President Trump often paints a rosy picture of his national support, his descriptions of mutual love with voters in parts of the South match... [Read More]
The rapper was allowed to ramble for 10 minutes, while cameras flashed and Trump watched. [Read More]
During his White House visit, Kanye West told President Donald Trump that his friends tried to scare him out of wearing his Make America Great... [Read More]
The Twitterverse is wondering if Alec Baldwin has spent too much time portraying President Trump on "Saturday Night Live" after his latest comments.        ... [Read More]
Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) said President Trump's USA Today op-ed ripping "Medicare for all" was full of misinformation meant to deliberately mislead the... [Read More]
On Tuesday, Nikki Haley said that she plans to leave her position as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations at the end of the year. "It has been... [Read More]
President Trump says that the women protesting Kavanaugh were paid by George Soros to do it.   I only have one response to that. WHRE... [Read More]
President Trump demands NATO to stop Hurricane Michael. [Read More]
Proceeds will be donated directly to the Ute PAC and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. [Read More]