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Check out upcoming outdoors events. [Read More]
"The Body: A Guide for Occupants" by Bill Bryson, Doubleday, 450 pages, $30. [Read More]
"Dad's Maybe Book" by Tim O'Brien, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 381 pages, $28. [Read More]
In 2019, Nebraska officials have taken steps to ensure guidelines for social studies education aren't based on ancient history – relatively speaking, of course. [Read More]
Republicans have long demagogued Democrats by branding them as "socialists." [Read More]
There is only one coach who can save the Nebraska football program, and we have him. Look at what Lovie Smith at Illinois and P.J.... [Read More]
Dave Kirby argued ("Trump's wall makes us a little safer," Nov. 13) that President Trump's border wall makes us a little safer by pointing to... [Read More]
It was heartening to read the opinion piece in the Lincoln Journal Star by Mark Reynolds and Barrie Marchant from Citizens' Climate Lobby ("Bipartisan hope... [Read More]
Sunday's paper reported in depth on the USMCA (United States, Mexico, Canada Agreement). It shows that a number of Nebraskans had urged House Speaker Nancy... [Read More]
America was great when we stood by our allies. [Read More]
Dear Doctor: My boyfriend laughs when I turn down the car stereo when I'm trying to find a new address, but I've seen his dad... [Read More]
Dear Amy: My dearest friend of more than 30 years, "Sarah," was diagnosed a few years ago with Parkinson's. [Read More]
You may trust that Evan Halper is in his own personal hell right now. [Read More]
A lingering sprinkle or light shower possible early in the morning, otherwise decreasing cloudiness, not as warm. Highs in the lower 50s. [Read More]
Mo Barry talked to the media after the Huskers loss on Saturday. [Read More]
The neighborhood art guards knocked on their door in March, before Robert Hinrichs and Mindy Wright had even moved into their old new home near... [Read More]
Last year during a gathering of parents and neighborhood residents organized by the Community Learning Centers at three north Lincoln schools, a group of moms... [Read More]
Click here to view this video from... [Read More]
At about 8:45 p.m. Saturday there was a warning light flashing on the Nebraska volleyball team's chances of winning a Big Ten championship this year. [Read More]
Saturday: Dubuque 5, Lincoln 1. [Read More]