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Lush undergrowth and young trees bursting with new growth greeted Jamaica North Trail bikers, walkers and joggers on a recent spring evening. [Read More]
Here's a roundup of Lincoln restaurants that have closed their doors so far this year. [Read More]
Founders Rich and Susan Larson Rodenburg will celebrate their 30th year of coordinating the Tour de Nebraska bicycle adventure with a 275-mile route through the... [Read More]
The Lincoln Police Department knows it. Black drivers in the capital city know it. [Read More]
I've written postcards, called and left a message begging, pleading and putting my life on the line for Rep. Jeff Fortenberry to not follow the... [Read More]
Lincoln talked about building new fire stations more than five years ago, and it looks like four are finally in the works. I was invited... [Read More]
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." -- Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his first inaugural address in 1933. [Read More]
The president has the greatest self-pity. The best! [Read More]
Nebraska's road trip to the Big Ten tournament continued Monday with a pit stop in Columbus, Ohio. [Read More]
Nebraska Department of Roads officials vowed this month to take another look at the design proposed for the expansion of the expressway from Plattsmouth to... [Read More]
The city plans to look at the rules for how close to the street car dealerships can park their cars and trucks as part of... [Read More]
The Lincoln Southwest boys won one golf tournament in 2016. [Read More]
Pornographic writing, photographs, drawings and other materials will be banned from the Nebraska prisons beginning in January, according to Department of Correctional Services Director Scott... [Read More]
A 22-year-old convicted felon got four to six years in prison Monday for getting caught with a loaded gun during a traffic stop a year... [Read More]
A 25-year-old Omaha man doing time for a killing there got sentenced Monday to three years more for punching a prison guard in the face. [Read More]
A Lincoln woman arrested with 3 ounces of methamphetamine in her pants last winter was sentenced Monday to 11 to 17 years in prison for... [Read More]
Class A... [Read More]
The 38-year-old man who broke into the home of Sam Foltz's brother last summer got prison time for it Monday. [Read More]
Gov. Pete Ricketts on Monday honored 17 Nebraska seniors who got perfect scores on the ACT or SAT college preparatory exams. [Read More]
Former Nebraska forward Michael Jacobson will continue his basketball career at Iowa State. [Read More]