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On Monday, 21 May, Michael Gove and Ruth Davidson launched a new Conservative think-tank, Onward. Its aim, in the words of its director, Will Tanner,... [Read More]
I met Aung San Suu Kyi just the once. It was in August 2012, quite soon after she was released from fifteen years of on-off... [Read More]
'Give us back May 68!' a group of students shouted in front of the Odéon in Paris. On 7 May, the theatre had scheduled a... [Read More]
Health officials in Kerala have confirmed a number of deaths from Nipah virus in the south Indian state. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there... [Read More]
I wrote: WE SHALL FIGHT, WE WILL WIN: PARIS, LONDON, ROME, BERLIN. The vote was unanimous. We were for Utopia. [Read More]
The two-state solution died because Netanyahu and successive Israeli governments were determined to kill it, and those who could have prevented its demise lacked the... [Read More]
'So I have sailed the seas and come … to B … a small town fastened to a field in Indiana,' the late, great William... [Read More]
After the appearance of Poems of Mr John Milton in 1645, Milton published no further works of poetry until Paradise Lost in 1667. During the... [Read More]