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Lenin's sealed train, Luding Bridge, Granma - were at the heart of several 20th-century revolutions, but the one that killed my great-grandmother seemed to be... [Read More]
Friday, 28 September was the first and, it turned out, only day of the Nomoni cultural festival in Palu, a city in the heart of... [Read More]
 . . . [Read More]
Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul on the afternoon of 2 October and did not come out. The local police think that... [Read More]
Transsexual people are brilliant at telling their stories. That has been a central part of their increasingly successful struggle for acceptance. But the attention sought and... [Read More]
In this short book, Christopher Hitchens sets down the main charges against Kissinger: murder, violation of human rights and complicity in mass atrocities on a... [Read More]
As dozens of lagoons of pig waste overflow in North Carolina, President Trump says that Hurricane Florence is 'one of the wettest we've ever seen,... [Read More]
ISSN 0260-9592... [Read More]
Five years ago, the alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón was performing with his quartet at a club in Chicago when he was contacted by Julien Labro,... [Read More]
The Whitestone Bridge crosses the East River, connecting Queens to the south-eastern tip of the Bronx. To the west are the ten jails of Rikers... [Read More]
A few months alter the fall of Margaret Thatcher, the most original thinker of post-war Conservatism died. Perhaps partly because of the commotion caused by... [Read More]
Theodore Swenson regrets his virtues. The protagonist of Francine Prose's novel has been a popular creative writing professor for twenty years, but he has never... [Read More]
'Scoutcraft,' Robert Baden-Powell said, 'is a means through which the veriest hooligan can be brought to … God.' It was in a similar spirit that... [Read More]
The full text of this poem is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. [Read More]
The Republic of Nauru, which hosted the Pacific Islands Forum earlier this month, is the third smallest state in the world by area (about 21... [Read More]
Since the Republican primaries of 2015-16, some people have turned to psychiatry in an effort to locate the irrational wellsprings of Trump's victory, but so... [Read More]
This book is by far the most sustained and intelligent critique of post-structuralist theory yet published in Britain or America. It is argued from an... [Read More]
How did Bill Gates become the richest man in America? His wealth has nothing to do with Microsoft producing good software at lower prices than... [Read More]
From 1830, when it was conquered, until 1962, when the Evian Agreements made it into an independent state, Algeria was said to be French. Since... [Read More]
Earlier this week Emmanuel Macron issued a declaration acknowledging the role of the French military in the murder of a pro-independence activist in Algeria sixty... [Read More]