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Multiple bridge closures in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish have some residents concerned for their safety. They're worried about emergency services and... [Read More]
College football coaches are always looking a few seasons ahead for valuable talent. A set of twins caught LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron's eye after sneaking into... [Read More]
The East State Bridge over the Corporation Canal is temporarily closed between Highland Road and Dalrymple Drive, near LSU's campus. [Read More]
The East Baton Rouge metro council has appointed the widow of late councilman Buddy Amoroso to take his seat. [Read More]
A state judge Thursday placed on hold a lawsuit that aims to resolve who is entitled to $750,000 in life insurance proceeds on a Baton... [Read More]
There's a blight concern on Sherwood Street in Baton Rouge. One of the property owners with a rental house there says she's been... [Read More]
In downtown Baton Rouge, there has just been an orgy of partisan politics, with getting things done ranking in the minds of the participants far... [Read More]
A move by Metro Council Democrats seeking to prevent the body from making the interim appointment to Republican Buddy Amoroso's vacant council seat was a... [Read More]
Is a power play worthy of the U.S. Capitol the right way to approach the Metro Council in East Baton Rouge Parish? No, and it... [Read More]
Baton Rouge police arrested a man suspected in multiple recent armed robberies in the Baton Rouge area. [Read More]
Rachel Wilson, Stacey Fiddling and Takeisha Williams stood before a judge Thursday morning in the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge. Among them, the... [Read More]
The cost of repairing and rebuilding flooded Glen Oaks High School has increased $2.1 million as workers race to get the north Baton Rouge high... [Read More]
To dozens of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's deputies, their bosses play favorites and staff shortages put them in danger. Many more, however, say they... [Read More]
Authorities arrested at least four people suspected of driving while intoxicated in East Baton Rouge Parish and booked them into Parish Prison on Thursday, booking... [Read More]
Curbside, the popular Mid City hamburger restaurant, is adding a space for catering and events and eyeing two locations in Baton Rouge for an additional... [Read More]
FRIDAY... [Read More]
Baton Rouge police are searching for a man — the children's music minister at a local church — who is accused of sexually assaulting a... [Read More]
The contentious battle over who should fill Buddy Amoroso's Metro Council seat ended Thursday evening as his widow, Denise Amoroso, secured the appointment amid flareups... [Read More]
What should have been a straightforward appointment to the East Baton Rouge Metro Council for a short-term replacement for Republican Buddy Amoroso — but was... [Read More]
Deputies are searching for three men who burglarized vehicles in Woodridge Subdivision. [Read More]
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