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Before the start of CES 2018, the only real smart speakers with a display were the Amazon Echo Show and the Echo Spot. But now... [Read More]
Some CES products turn out to be vaporware. These shouldn't.        ... [Read More]
Samsung Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February, the company's mobile boss said, denying rumors of a CES 2018 unveiling. [Read More]
Kids will be able to power through the urban jungle with these new scooters and skateboards revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las... [Read More]

Wireless charging is not particularly new technology, but this year at CES 2018, we're seeing it show up in a big way. Tons of companies... [Read More]


The 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) runs from Jan. 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. Take a look at some of the... [Read More]

Several thousand people descended on a wet and dreary Las Vegas as the world's largest technology showcase opened to the public. As Ivor Bennett reports,... [Read More]
LG showed off what its new display technology can do at CES this week. [Read More]
Automakers have showed up again in Las Vegas for the annual CES show with new technology and promises of new vehicles over the next couple... [Read More]
Sony introduced its answer to Samsung's Galaxy A8 (2018) mid-tier offering at CES 2018. [Read More]
Electric SUVs, a fuel cell Hyundai, a Toyota that delivers pizzas and other cool car tech... [Read More]
Jefferson Graham reports from CES 2018, where this year, with hot new robots from LG and Sony, it looks like robots are poised to finally... [Read More]
Technology to improve your health is among the highlights at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. The world's largest consumer tech show opens Tuesday in Las... [Read More]
Google's speakers, unlike rival Echo Show devices, will let you watch YouTube... [Read More]
If you need to venture into dangerous places, you won't send an intern, you'll send this robot. [Read More]
Devices are evolving beyond data-tracking sensors to provide actionable advice and encourage proactive behaviors toward healthier lifestyles. [Read More]
There will be heightened security at CES, tech's largest trade show. [Read More]
Some automakers are already planning to load their new models with Amazon's famous voice assistant, but you don't need to buy a new car to... [Read More]
Chinese car startup Byton unveiled an SUV at CES 2018 that would be a direct competition for Tesla. [Read More]
Back in November, longtime rivals Intel and AMD shocked the computing world when the two companies announced that they'd be teaming up to create laptop... [Read More]