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Georgina Chapman isn't walking away from her marriage with Harvey Weinstein empty-handed. The disgraced movie mogul will pay the fashion designer a divorce agreement worth... [Read More]
McGowan tells 'Vanity Fair' that Rodriguez betrayed her to Harvey Weinstein. Rodriguez says 'VF' is wrong but has 'no quarrel' with McGowan. [Read More]
Three months ago, when Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of TheNew York Times unloaded their first big report about Harvey Weinstein's pattern of sexual aggressiveness... [Read More]
A Manhattan judge has denied the request by Harvey Weinstein's ex-wife to get a $5 million pre-payment on future child support. [Read More]
Paul Sorvino said he was "furious" to find out that Hollywood heavy Harvey Weinstein derailed his daughter's acting career because she spurned his sexual advances ... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein may have been Rose McGowan's worst nightmare in 1997, when he allegedly raped her. Twenty years later, she would become his—spearheading the onslaught... [Read More]
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office is now looking into two investigations against Harvey Weinstein. [Read More]