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Janet Napolitano warns the president against pardoning former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of defying a court order to stop racial profiling. [Read More]
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The festering wound that is President Trump's relationship with the Republican party is bursting open. [Read More]
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Robbie Myers, Naomi Wolf and Neera Tanden discuss with Ari Melber the excerpts released from Hillary Clinton's new book and how she handled Donald Trump's... [Read More]
ESPN announced today that Robert Lee will be pulled from calling the UVA opening game simply because he shares a last name with Robert E.... [Read More]
Today's edition of quick hits. [Read More]
Katy fact checks President Trump's comments attacking members of his own party and the press and defending his comments on Charlottesville at his campaign style... [Read More]
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The more Donald Trump tries to talk about the GDP, the more he appears confused by the most basic details. [Read More]