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Hello,  i have an iPhone X and it has been running iOS 12.0 for quite some time. Overall I have been pretty happy with iOS... [Read More]
A senior Google executive said the company will work through technology and policy issue before it sells its facial recognition software. [Read More]
Developers can now access analytics from apps in the new macOS Mojave App Store via the App Store Connect service. [Read More]
Apple will release software updates next week in a bid to overturn the ban on sales of some iPhone models in China. [Read More]
This week's Particle Debris leads with an interesting aspect of being loyal to Apple and how much that costs. [Read More]
I've got a great tip for anyone who ever needs to do a Metric conversion—it's easy to do right from Spotlight on your Mac. In... [Read More]
BONX Grip hearables are a kind of Bluetooth walkie talkie. It's an outdoor group talk system for hunters, runners, cyclists, and more. [Read More]
Today on TDO: 5G networks flaws/rollout, and an Apple v Qualcomm (software) update. Charlotte Henry, Andrew Orr, and host Kelly Guimont. [Read More]
Like iTunes Ping before it, Apple has decided to shutter Apple Music Connect. You can still find Connect content through search results. [Read More]
Apple Pay adoption in Australia has been slow because of tough negotiations. However, CommBank will be supporting it in January. [Read More]
Apple gave a straight-to-series order of a show starring Jennifer Garner, and produced by J.J. Abrams called My Glory Was I Had Such Friends. [Read More]
Apparently, the Marvel series cancelled by Netflix won't be on Disney+ anytime soon. Sources told Variety. [Read More]
We have a deal for you on the Storyteller's Essential Mac Bundle, a collection of apps aimed at storytellers from Mariner Software: $15.99. [Read More]
A software engineer built an unofficial Apple Music web player so that the service can be accessed by Linux users. [Read More]
Dave Hamilton and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss new consumer privacy legislation and a contest to give up your smartphone. [Read More]
Encouraged by health monitoring functions, older people are driving growth in wearable technology such as the Apple Watch. [Read More]
CNBC learned that Apple has up to 50 doctors working for it as it continues its move into health tech. The report said that some... [Read More]
The cost of many top-end Apple products rose 20% or more this fall. Why are they so expensive? And how does Apple get away with... [Read More]
Apple is building a new 133 acre, $1 billion, campus in Austin, Texas and creating thousands of jobs across the U.S. [Read More]
Vitaminwater is willing to pay US$100,000 to anyone who can give up their phone for an entire year. Lasting six months also gives a prize. [Read More]