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Born with a deformity he thought would limit him, Stephen Trimm got the gift of a lifetime from a total stranger. [Read More]
A barred owl at Pineland Farms, after swooping down on a skier to defend its territory, brought international attention to New Gloucester. [Read More]
Democrats, Republicans and an independent are convinced the time is right for them to try to shape the world. [Read More]
The expanded, three-level house includes a versatile office suite. [Read More]
The fate of the Groveton Papers Mill in New Hampshire should serve as a cautionary tale for future economic recovery. [Read More]
A zealot takes us down memory lane with 'Hogan's Heroes.'... [Read More]
Conspiracy theories aside, the senator is a moderate with a strong history of bipartisan accomplishment.. [Read More]
Motivated by far-reaching upheaval in the political and social landscape, more female contenders than ever are seeking state offices in 2018. [Read More]
Twice Maine lawmakers have OK'd the purchase of Narcan, a heroin overdose antidote, without a prescription, but Gov. Paul LePage and the state's pharmacy regulators... [Read More]
He capped a breakout season in 2017 by learning to play first base in the Arizona Fall League. [Read More]
In a new book, the Bates professor explores an apparent contradiction: Americans living in poverty, yet proudly flying the flag. [Read More]
The intrigue is the thing (substance, not so much) in Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury.'... [Read More]
Frigid temps couldn't keep the partygoers from raising money for Full Plates Full Potential. [Read More]
It may have been a rocky start but with time and effort, the city's race relations have improved. [Read More]
He avoided some disastrous outcomes in 2017, screeching around the corners on two wheels. How will 2018 pan out? [Read More]
Ask lots of questions, get references and have realistic expectations before booking a hunt. [Read More]
Scoring a table ain't gonna be easy when the tourists arrive, so take advantage of the off-season now. [Read More]
Works by the iconic Maine artist are on display at Fort Williams Park. [Read More]
Maine poems, edited and introduced by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc. [Read More]
The locally beloved holler-folk band hopes its touring schedule this year will lead to a wider national audience. [Read More]
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