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Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 02:35 PM
Subtitled "A quirky road trip from Maine to Connecticut," Dan Tobyne's book Route 1 — New England, isn't what I would call quirky. I call... [Read More]
The opinion presented in the Dec. 18 issue of the U-B discussed the failure of some persons designated as state of Washington Electors to vote... [Read More]
Over 162 million gallons of untreated sewage overflowed from Portland's sewer system in 2017 – roughly equivalent to the volume of 245 Olympic swimming pools. [Read More]
Our Twitter bot monitors local rainfall reports and tweets when Portland's sewers are likely to overflow into Casco Bay. Here's how it works. [Read More]
For this recipe, you can always substitute heartier local kale or spinach. [Read More]
The 17.69-acre property has a tennis court, a pond and a magnificent barn. [Read More]
We can't be the only one who has ever stood in our kitchen, gripping a random item in midair as we wondered, can this be... [Read More]
So she's betrayed Mainers. Big deal. Everybody elected to office gets corrupted by money and power. Change targets, please. [Read More]
A new book draws a complete picture of Monhegan's most famous painter. [Read More]
The chef borrows culinary ideas freely from Mexico, Vietnam, India and elsewhere. [Read More]
Portland writer and illustrator Winslow Furber wrote the book to help parents and kids talk about mortality. [Read More]
The 61-year-old actor teams with director Steven Spielberg and, for the first time, Meryl Streep. [Read More]
The annual charity event and dance party benefited the Cancer Community Center. [Read More]
He was a pioneer in artistic color photography... [Read More]
Guess who rolled back the inheritance tax, pretty much putting in place welfare for the rich kids of the future? They will never have to... [Read More]
As a gay person who is 72 years old, I understand discrimination. The comparison that's been made between refusing service to a gay person and... [Read More]
In 2013, President Barack Obama nominated Kentanji Jackson to the District of Columbia court, although she had rarely argued a case in a courtroom. She... [Read More]
Fishermen and association members like myself, a retired fisherman from Gloucester, Massachusetts, should take note that thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and... [Read More]
I find your Mainer of the Year (Page A1, Dec. 31) a confusing concept. Regarding Time magazine's Person of the Year, it is clear that... [Read More]
The also-rans were epitomes of character traits sorely lacking in Sen. Susan Collins, her Republican Party, and their president. [Read More]
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