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Officials remind folks to be proactive as more storms come our way. It's easy to forget about your roof, especially in the winter, but it's... [Read More]
"The rain soaked snow will eventually freeze and become solid," wrote the police department. "Take care of it now to avoid problems.". Maine news, sports,... [Read More]
The Maine Department of Public Safety recently reported that the number of Maine traffic deaths hit 171 in 2017. That's up from about 160 in... [Read More]
Maine does not explicitly require drivers to clear snow from their car roofs before hitting the road. One Gardiner man learned it the hard way. [Read More]
TODD STARNES Patriotic Teens Brave Frigid Weather to Clear Snow from War Memorials - National News The sons and daughters of one northern New Jersey... [Read More]
Here's some Maine ingenuity! A Richmond police officer decided to strap a shovel to his bike to clear snow from the parking lot. It actually... [Read More]
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