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Military and Veterans Affairs officials are digging up the remains of dozens of unidentified Marines and sailors killed on a remote atoll in the Pacific... [Read More]
An ongoing review is looking at what and how Marines eat during entry-level training. [Read More]
Sgt. Maj. Darryl Cherry refused to wear a condom during sex and the relationship took a dramatic turn when the woman became pregnant, according to... [Read More]
Maj. R. Sterling Norton, 36, was killed when his Hornet crashed on July 28. [Read More]
The Marine Corps will test drones, unmanned submarines and remote-control vehicles. [Read More]
We want to know what you think: Should the Marine Corps continue to separate men and women for boot camp? [Read More]
U.S. Marines and Romanian troops are taking part in joint exercises on the Black Sea coast. [Read More]
Sgt. Maj. Timothy J. Rudd, 44, died on Sunday. His death is under investigation. [Read More]
A former Marine who survived a sniper shot to the head in Iraq has been featured in a new book by former President George W.... [Read More]
For the past 15 years, the Marine Corps has faced mounting pressure to modernize and adapt, responding to both a changing battlefield overseas and the... [Read More]
Marines will soon be required to sign a formal policy statement confirming that they have read and understood the new social media guidance issued by... [Read More]
"I know you've heard it before, but we're going to have to change." [Read More]
NCIS has identified 700 active-duty Marines and 150 Marines in the Reserve, said Rep. Jackie Speier. [Read More]
The Marine Corps' updated media policy explains how violators will be prosecuted. [Read More]
Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said Marines have to change how they treat each other. [Read More]
Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller did not say whether the Corps is looking at fully integrating boot camp. [Read More]
For Marines on a breaching mission, the shotgun is more than just a weapon. [Read More]
A drill instructor at MCRD Parris Island was involved in separate abuse incidents involving Muslim recruits, Marine Corps Times has learned. [Read More]
On Friday, 492 new Marines graduated from Parris Island, and 14 of them also became naturalized U.S. citizens. [Read More]
The funds will be donated to Headstrong, which provides free treatment to post 9/11 service members and veterans who struggle with mental health issues. [Read More]
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