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One Venezuelan government official recently dared the U.S. to send in the Marines. [Read More]
U.S. Marines are set to launch a 3-D-printed drone into combat zones in the coming weeks. [Read More]
Marines will train in Norway through 2018. [Read More]
Staff Sgt. Jose Lucena-Martinez has been punished administratively. [Read More]
Last year, one recruit was severely injured and another died within a week. [Read More]
One service member faces an Article 32 hearing, Gen. Neller said. [Read More]
The Corps hopes to implement the M320 grenade launcher in two to five years. [Read More]
The Marine Corps believes more bulletproof glass will increase safety. [Read More]
Advocacy group: Marines need to do more to denounce misogyny. [Read More]
Mohammad Nadir's journey to becoming a Marine started during his childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. [Read More]
Extensive tests have failed to determine the root cause of the problem. [Read More]
A newly minted Marine, decked out in his dress blues, was denied the opportunity to walk in his high school graduation ceremony this week. [Read More]
Col. Daniel P. O'Hora was relieved of command on June 6. An investigation is ongoing. [Read More]
This is the second Osprey, and third aircraft in a week, to make such a landing. [Read More]
Staff Sgt. Matthew T. Bacchus received 60 days' restrictions. [Read More]
The purchase will allow Marines to train with the helmets before deploying. [Read More]
The bonus program for this fiscal year ends on July 8. [Read More]
Marines not saying if an Osprey also made an emergency landing. [Read More]
Lt. Col. Jennifer Grieves was relieved of command on Wednesday. [Read More]