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The shooting team is holding competitions on both coasts starting in March. [Read More]
Col. Daniel H. Wilson will remain in custody pending his June 6 general court-martial. [Read More]
Marines and sailors taste cobra blood as part of annual jungle survival training in Thailand. [Read More]
The most decorated Marine in the Corps' history, Puller was never nominated for the Medal of Honor. [Read More]
Thai troops teach U.S. Marines and sailors what they can eat and drink in the jungle. [Read More]
New Marine recruiting commercials will not include the historic recruiting slogan 'The Few, The Proud.'... [Read More]
Both PFT and CFT scores now yield the same ratings, which count toward enlisted promotions. [Read More]
Some of the Corps' most experienced maintainers left during the drawdown. [Read More]
The Marine Corps' Training Command is wrestling with questions about how to best train troops in high-tech fields like cyberwarfare while still maintaining traditional standards... [Read More]
Assistant Commandant Gen. Glenn Walters told lawmakers the Corps needs to get much bigger. [Read More]
Col. Daniel Wilson will plead not guilty to sex assault and other charges, his lawyer said. [Read More]
Only 72 out of the Marine Corps' 280 Hornets could fly at the end of 2016. [Read More]
Here's your sneak peek into this week's Army Times. [Read More]
Lt. Col. Wade Workman was relieved as commander of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232 on Dec. 28. [Read More]
Both countries spent months arguing over who would pay to build infrastructure for 2,500 Marines. [Read More]
About 300 Marines are training in North Carolina to deploy to Afghanistan this spring. [Read More]
Marines need more money to keep flying this year. [Read More]
The Marines and other services are finding ways to jam and destroy enemy drones. [Read More]
Col. Daniel H. Wilson has waived his Article 32 hearing, which was slated for Tuesday. [Read More]