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Investigations show some minor misconduct investigated as hazing. [Read More]
Sgt. Riley R. Gress was acquitted Wednesday of maltreatment and related charges. [Read More]
Plans to grow beyond 185,000 Marines are on hold. [Read More]
For those of you who have ventured off on a Med cruise or WestPac deployment, which port call was the best?  ... [Read More]
Few details of the Marines' combat mission are available. [Read More]
The top Marine says "it's really not about social media, it's about how we view women in our Marine Corps." [Read More]
Donald Downer Jr. has been sending care packages to deployed troops since 2009. [Read More]
Trump's military budget does not follow through on campaign promises to build up the size of the Marine Corps... [Read More]
It's another political battle inside the Corps over gender and standards that stems in part from last year's controversial decision to allow women to serve... [Read More]
Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in California will receive the famous flag-raising monument that symbolized the return of servicemen from Iwo Jima. [Read More]
The former FBI director led a rifle platoon in Vietnam and earned a Bronze Star. [Read More]
About 300 Marines have been in Norway since January as part of a pilot program. [Read More]
The Marines are likely from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit. [Read More]
Capt. Andrew Kim's Bronze Star has been upgraded to the Silver Star. [Read More]
The Infrascanner can detect intracranial hematomas early on, meaning it can tell if there is bleeding in the skull. [Read More]
The commercial shows a female Marine at war. [Read More]
NCIS is looking into the incident. No further information was available on Friday. [Read More]
"These men will not be forgotten," Love said during the ceremony. [Read More]
His brother has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his funeral arrangements. [Read More]
Maj. Gen. Steven Rudder has been nominated to be deputy commandant for aviation. [Read More]