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Chaos hit the overnight borrowing market this week, underscoring cracks in a key funding market for Wall Street that could ripple through the real economy... [Read More]
Investor confidence is playing an abnormally important role in U.S. equity markets, and potentially the entire U.S. economy, BNY Mellon's Liz Young tells... [Read More]
On Thursday, U.S. equity benchmarks were staging a test of fresh all-time highs, a day after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the second... [Read More]
A number of investors seized the moment and took advantage of the surge in short-term borrowing costs earlier this week. [Read More]
Broker-dealers, hedge funds and other institutional investors who don't keep cash on hand for every position they hold are the most vulnerable to this week's... [Read More]
A recent upswing in economic data may signal value stocks' outperformance will not come at the expense of momentum and growth stocks. [Read More]
Even as investors say the chance of a Fed interest rate cut on Wednesday's meeting is close to a 100%, the CME's FedWatch tool says... [Read More]
Investors say the Fed was slow to react to growing stresses in funding markets and the spike in repo rates this week. [Read More]
The rise in short-term borrowing costs such as repurchasing rates have drawn questions over the lack of liquidity in Wall Street's plumbing. [Read More]
Oil futures saw their biggest gains in a decade Monday, after Saturday's attack on Saudi oil facilities shocked markets and gave a lift to bonds... [Read More]
Shale to the rescue? Not right away, but the jump in oil prices Monday following a weekend attack on Saudi Arabia's production facilities will likely... [Read More]
Benchmarks, on average, outperform following a 10% rise in the price of crude oil — but there have been some nasty drawdowns. [Read More]
A drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities underlines how global geopolitical risks have continued to draw flows into haven assets. [Read More]