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Completing a project is hard enough, but leading a team? Forget about it. Between delegating tasks to colleagues and making sure the project is... [Read More]
There is no better time than now to indulge in the thrill of flying, and we don't mean getting on a plane. Ever heard of... [Read More]
When Google wowed the tech world with its demo of Duplex — the tech that allows its digital Assistant make phone calls to perform mundane... [Read More]
Outside of Black Friday, you really can't find a deal on the Xbox One S better than this. Walmart just dropped the price on... [Read More]
Snap is making another major update to Spectacles that finally addresses one of the biggest issues with the camera-enabled glasses: the videos are too hard... [Read More]
from wiretaps to location data — have long been debated in the courts, so today's ruling is a symbolic win for privacy advocates and somewhat of... [Read More]
Don't download the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, Android users. The year's most popular video game (which made almost $300 million last month) is currently... [Read More]
Geoffrey Drake-Brockman is an artist looking to the future when designing his artworks, each of which has a number of concentric shells that gives it... [Read More]
a savings of 15%.  Read more...More about Binoculars, Bushnell, Mashable Shopping, Amazon Shopping, and Camping Gear... [Read More]
Where the heck is Apple's 3-in-1 AirPower wireless charging pad? It's probably not coming for at least another few months. AirPower has been a... [Read More]
It's been a year since Uber drivers finally got something they really wanted: tips in its ride-hailing app. In the year since tips were... [Read More]
Amazon Fire TV Cube $119.99 View Product The Good Sleek and compact design • Alexa works... [Read More]
Last weekend, Incredibles 2 earned the title of having the most successful animated film opening of all time, raking in an impressive $180 million and surpassing... [Read More]
What's better than Alexa? Two Alexas. Amazon has a great deal today that saves you $40 when you buy two Amazon Echo Spots.   ... [Read More]
Snapchat's Snap Map will soon know even more about what you're doing. The app is adding two new features to its Snap Map, called... [Read More]
from graphical power to control precision. However, shopping for them can be a bit difficult. It's often a balancing act between cost and performance, especially... [Read More]
Say goodbye to Doge and Grumpy Cat. The European Parliament legal branch voted to pass a new copyright laws today that could possibly kill... [Read More]
AMC is adding a monthly subscription service that allows customers to see more movies at lower cost – you know, like MoviePass. The new program... [Read More]
Would you believe us if we told you that we know of a smart TV that you can fit in your pocket? The Razer... [Read More]
Happy Hump Day! With the weekend only a few days away, there are some wonderful deals on Amazon to get the most out of your... [Read More]
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